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Play on demand

Theatre groups in the city are moving beyond the conventional performance spaces to venture into homes and restaurants.

05 Aug 2018 12:05 AM

Beating existential crisis

Meet people who have taken the risk of treading the unconventional path where passion precedes pay.

03 Aug 2018 12:00 AM

Content is King

This unfair bargaining power between writer and producer is perhaps because of no platforms for the writers.

02 Aug 2018 12:12 AM

Lacunae in legal system decoded

The author is widely recognized as the master of legal crime and courtroom drama in the country.

01 Aug 2018 12:40 AM

Father figured

Raghu Rai: An Unframed Portrait was recently screened by the Mumbai Film Festival, and will also be shown in Delhi on August 3.

01 Aug 2018 12:10 AM


Reinventing the C word

A six-month-old fashion brand is making waves across the city for its haute appeal and striking name.

26 Jul 2018 1:04 AM

‘BMC, PWD kill us before potholes do’

Last week, RJ Malishka Mendonsa also came up with ‘Geli Mumbai Khaddyat’ a pothole parody of the famous Marathi song Zingaat.

24 Jul 2018 2:06 AM

Dabbawalas go digital

Mumbai’s network of dabbawalas team up with 13-year-old city boy to create a first-of-its-kind tech-enabled courier service.

19 Jul 2018 6:13 AM

Under the scanner?

Ketan Mehta’s 2014 film, Rang Rasiya was mired in controversy for its nude scenes.

18 Jul 2018 6:54 AM

Helping Mumbai breathe easy

Mumbai police joins hands with an NGO to give new lungs to the city with green police stations.

17 Jul 2018 1:16 AM


Street smart

Two former urchins educated by Thane NGO recently secured admission at prestigious city colleges.

13 Jul 2018 6:40 AM

Will homosexuals have a say? Hearing starts today

Apex court to hear petitions by gay rights activists, seeking quashing of section 377.

10 Jul 2018 2:23 AM

Organic or orgimmick?

While India is the second largest consumer of cosmetics in the world, we look into it’s booming organic beauty and skin-care segment.

08 Jul 2018 12:17 AM

Fuelling change

Three city-based NGOs get together to overhaul the plastic disposal system in Mumbai.

08 Jul 2018 12:16 AM

The last laugh

Quite often in the pursuit of packing a punch, a joke may reinforce a scathing stereotype.

06 Jul 2018 12:03 AM


The longest island bar

At 200-FOOT, asia’s longest island bar makes its foray into the island city, in tow with a retail restaurant and a fashion bar.

05 Jul 2018 12:14 AM

Warbling wonders

It’s not unusual for Mumbaikars to run into train singers, crooning off-tune bhajans against the chugging and screeching of the train for money.

04 Jul 2018 12:05 AM

Policing the Mumbaiya style

The Mumbai Police, with its tongue-in-cheek humour, yet again became a beacon of hope for all the women in the city.

28 Jun 2018 12:31 AM

Visionary art

Twenty four-year-old street and sketch artist, Prithviraj Shinde is colour-blind, but his paintings hardly ever give it away.

27 Jun 2018 12:12 AM

Trial by social media

The World Wide Web’s vicarious courts — social media websites — become double-edged swords when celebrities tacitly chair them.

25 Jun 2018 12:10 AM