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104th Day Of Lockdown

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Vandana Mohandas Page-3

Resistance through ragas

Singer T.M. Krishna isn’t one to shy away from taking a stand, no matter how controversial it is.

18 Jul 2018 6:25 AM

A makeup revolution

Leanne adds that there are wide varieties of makeup products available in the market.

16 Jul 2018 12:04 AM

Supercop’s fight against Mumbai gangs

The book has so much action and inspiring interventions that one wouldn’t be surprised if it were made into a movie some day.

15 Jul 2018 12:30 AM

Mom, his best travel buddy

Every getaway becomes perfect when this mother-son duo, who believes happiness is all that matters, hit the road.

14 Jul 2018 5:44 AM

Cycling towards Russia

Clifin Francis shares his experiences while cycling across continents to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018.

25 Jun 2018 12:26 AM


Spruced up to sparkle

After renovation, ‘Sudha Nilayam’ has transformed into a magnificent dwelling reflecting contemporary style.

10 Jun 2018 12:28 AM

Beware of the Nipah virus

It’s a relatively new epidemic caused by Nipah virus commonly hosted by fruit-eating bats.

28 May 2018 12:17 AM

Manasam, where dreams come true

The couple designed the house on their own without seeking help from an architect or interior designer.

18 May 2018 12:12 AM

Stories that can change your life

Himanshu Poswal and Mohit Munjal initiated a platform when they realised the impact people have when they share their life stories with others.

16 May 2018 12:22 AM

A well aimed shot in the ‘air’

This 23-year-old has been ranked as world number 1 in the air pistol category. He talks about his success.

13 May 2018 6:28 AM


Vibrant, celebratory spirit

Photographer Sreelas C.P. has been capturing the colourful Thrissur Pooram festivity for the past 18 years.

06 May 2018 5:15 AM

Mammoth miseries

Hollywood actress Evanna Lynch’s undercover exposé on the cruel treatment of captive elephants in Kerala triggers animated discussions.

05 May 2018 12:16 AM

‘Shot’ at gunpoint

Shaison P. Ouseph has been at gunpoint while shooting documentaries.

02 May 2018 12:31 AM

An untouched paradise

Ajith Kumar’s love for nature took him on an unforgettable trip to Meghalaya’s Garo Hills.

27 Apr 2018 4:53 AM

Wrath of Durga

Durga Malathi is at the receiving end of online threats for her cartoons about the Kathua incident.

22 Apr 2018 12:06 AM


Hope in time of hatred

Currently busy with work preparations and travel, she has two movies coming up – My Story and the much-awaited Anjali Menon movie.

15 Apr 2018 1:17 AM

7-year-old poet gets published

To pen each poem, Aman needs a day or two, and beside him his mother.

14 Apr 2018 1:06 AM

Walking on the wild side

This year, the nominations to the BBC Outlook Inspiration Awards features an Indian who has been rescuing and conserving snakes for 28 yrs.

11 Apr 2018 12:37 AM

In-law and out of love

Issues between Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law crop up even in the lives of celebrities.

10 Apr 2018 12:18 AM

Narratives in dance

Panchaksharam, the dance troupe that woos hearts, has just five members — the eldest a post graduation student and the youngest a class VIII student.

07 Apr 2018 5:35 AM