Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019 | Last Update : 01:58 PM IST

Swati Sharma

The Crystal Cult

In crystal healing, stones are assigned various properties, though healers have different ideas about which stones possess which properties.

21 Jul 2019 2:11 AM

What the hack!

‘Medjacking’, or medical device hijacking, is a real cyber security threat and to healthcare systems.

20 Jul 2019 12:00 AM

Capturing the many facets of beauty

Interestingly, when she first started off as a photographer sixteen years ago, her subjects were usually her mother and sister.

14 Jul 2019 6:56 AM

Afraid to say, ‘I am Khan’

A Muslim IPS officer’s tweet that says he will change his name to protect himself from a violent crowd, gets no sympathy from his fraternity.

12 Jul 2019 7:16 AM

Politics of gender

With MK Stalin becoming the latest political leader to have declared his son as his successor, one wonders why daughters do not enjoy the same.

10 Jul 2019 1:02 AM


Bye-bye, biscuits

Interestingly, the advisory is by no means a pioneering one although it is uncommon in government circles.

05 Jul 2019 12:02 AM

Reaching out to the grassroots

The call for politicians to ‘get real’ and ‘go public’ is more than just about winning elections or getting out of their political bubble.

21 Jun 2019 2:20 AM

When thrill turns into peril

An increasing number of novice climbers are attempting Himalayan mountaineering expeditions.

17 Jun 2019 1:05 AM

Accessorise your yoga routine

A versatile and simple accompaniment to one’s yoga practice, the yoga brick, is a great way to improve balance, strength and flexibility.

02 Jun 2019 6:56 AM

The face of Courage

Usha is a third generation CRPF officer after her grandfather and father, so the passion for the forces naturally developed in her.

26 May 2019 12:05 AM


‘Bug’ged with technology

While the term “technical glitch” is most often used to explain any system breakdown, experts believe that human error is usually the culprit.

10 May 2019 6:35 AM

A legendary moment

A 50-yr- old photograph of five veteran IAF pilots, known as Hell’s Angels, was recently recreated by a bike company.

06 May 2019 2:07 AM

No party for loyalists?

The high-profile exit of decade-old Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi is just one instance of the gross injustices within the party.

02 May 2019 1:16 AM

The political pull

A great rehabilitation programme as they had nothing going for them anyways in their respective careers.

01 May 2019 12:02 AM

The ‘God Mother’ of India’s vaccine

The only Indian woman scientist to be inducted to the Royal Society of London, Dr Gagandeep Kang is truly a class apart.

28 Apr 2019 12:05 AM


Elite hub for forces

A heavy exchange of fire follows between the terrorists and the commandos and the enemy is soon neutralised.

22 Apr 2019 12:05 AM

Unmasking theatre’s ugly face!

In a shocking incident, theatre artist Vinay Varma of Sutradhar Theatre School has been accused of asking his students to disrobe during a workshop.

20 Apr 2019 6:05 AM

The End of Innocence

Yet another case of sexual abuse surfaces at a premier pre-school.

20 Apr 2019 12:20 AM

Playing politics over Pulwama

Politicians are capitalising on sacrifices of the armed forces to campaign, drawing the ire of martyrs’ families.

11 Apr 2019 12:00 AM

Fit to Lead

As they say, those who do regular workouts, yoga or any other physical activity regularly hardly fall ill!

07 Apr 2019 1:09 AM