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sanjay basak and namrata biji ahuja

Defending his post

He is the wall that attackers have to contend with in the ISL when up against F.C. Goa. While the team’s recent season has been injury ridden, he is ready to step in when gaffer Zico wants him to.

05 Nov 2016 11:24 PM

Keeper of the reading light

A gilded opera house bookshop, an artistically designed tank turned into a moving bookstore, both in Buenos Aires, traipse hand in hand with a 100-year-old Goan Portuguese house in Goa’s Calangute, a

29 Oct 2016 10:27 PM

A Swiss state of being

With its pristine peaks and clear waters, a walk across the swiss mountains is one to remember.

09 Oct 2016 12:56 AM

Crafting a Spanish legacy

You could call him a retail rouser, with over 20 years perfecting the art, but Delhi boy Nikhil Lamba, chief operating officer, Lladro India is a storehouse of little bits and bobs of the Indian psych

05 Oct 2016 10:03 PM

KReating scientific hope

The teenage research maverick Krtin invented a test for alzheimer’s, and a cure for a fatal breast cancer.... but there are miles for this surrey resident to go.

10 Sep 2016 10:27 PM


Clear & ‘present’gamechanger

The gifting world is just a click away thanks to this biz whiz’s online portal, and now this master of yoga is bringing in mindfulness with a new discovery tool.

24 Aug 2016 11:04 PM

Espresso Originals

In the depths of the rainforest, was this ordinary bean that Saint Baba Budan planted in the 17th century in Chikmagalur district in Karnataka.

22 Aug 2016 6:16 PM

Call of the hinterland

Wildlife is where her lens comes alive, candid, apt and almost as if capturing never-before seen images.

13 Aug 2016 10:33 PM

Best of both worlds

Amit Bakhale and his wife Gosia, an Indian and Polish, found love when they were both in London. They decided to move back to Amit’s home in Goa, with Gosia shuttling between Poland and Goa

16 Jul 2016 11:09 PM

Sunil Chhetri’s chutzpah on goal

Straight talking, words tumble out of Sunil Chhetri’s inherently football-dribbling mind as he gets busy with the Euro Cup 2016 where he is analysing the matches with greats like ex-Liverpool stalwar

03 Jul 2016 1:43 AM


A ‘field’ day

The writer’s search into his family’s history is a riveting biography, that recently won the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puraskar.

29 Jun 2016 12:17 AM

Desi-mal point!

It’s desi in videsi garb with a fusion of celebrations, festivals and customs.

18 Jun 2016 10:32 PM

Kalibre of Klass

There are more than a dozen ideas dancing in his mind.

18 Jun 2016 10:00 PM

August Westwoods

The years, they tell their own story of learning. And when it’s on the football field, there is a tangible progression that one has seen in Bengaluru Football Clubs coach Ashley Westwood.

11 Jun 2016 11:16 PM

Killer Chillar on the prowl

Two things are certain in kabaddi defender Mohit Chillar’s life.

21 May 2016 10:12 PM


Credo for an ancient kadai

Celebrity chef Akshay Nayyar takes ancient Indian food and turns it into a Kopper Kadai

19 May 2016 10:37 PM

Sporty FIX-ations

Soccer camp at FC Barcelona is many an aspiring footballer’s dream trip, with hopes of setting their gaze on their idol Lionel Messi at Nou Camp. The holiday season now has kids across India signing up for sports camps abroad, and their parents paying big money to hone their talent.

30 Apr 2016 10:43 PM

K‘not’ without a melody

He is a serial entrepreneur or just exhaustingly innovative.

30 Mar 2016 10:42 PM

Heir, apParent!

When it comes to parenthood, women, and even men, can’t wait for love to come knocking

28 Feb 2016 10:42 AM

Flight of fancy

He calls his favourite photograph — Angel Wings. Prathap D.K.’s photograph of the Great Egret looks straight at the lens in flight — a feat any photographer would be awed by.

28 Feb 2016 12:22 AM