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Ranjit B. Rai

A strong Navy is needed for a prosperous India

The Navy with the Coast Guard guard India’s 7,516-km coast and 2.4 mill sq km of Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ).

04 Dec 2017 12:35 AM

‘Rock-n-roll’ Rosetta ends its cosmic saga

A model of orbiter Rosetta hangs from the ceiling in a conference room at the European Space Agency in Darmstadt, Germany, on Friday. (Photo: AP)

01 Oct 2016 2:38 AM

Desert scope stakes out black hole

A desert telescope has focused with unprecedented sharpness on a star circling a supermassive black hole thought to lurk at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy, excited astronomers announced on Wednesd

24 Jun 2016 2:47 AM

Air pollution among top 10 stroke risks

Air pollution was fingered for the first time as a major contributor to death and disability caused by stroke, especially in developing nations, in a health review published on Friday.

11 Jun 2016 1:09 AM

Vegetable fat not the route to a healthy heart: Study

Replacing animal fat in the human diet with vegetable oil seems not to lower heart disease risk, and might even boost it, according to a study published Wednesday that challenges a cornerstone of diet

14 Apr 2016 3:14 AM


Hidden physics behind brain’s folds solved

The deep folds that give the adult human brain its wrinkled walnut appearance were Nature’s solution to fitting a large, powerful processor into a small skull.

02 Feb 2016 2:09 AM

Activists say further pledges needed to avert climate disaster

After a champagne moment in Paris, where ministers from around the world crafted a pact to fight perilous climate change, now comes the hard part.

14 Dec 2015 6:10 AM