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Prashanth Kota

The ‘good’ martial law

Here are a few exercises that will challenge you to push your limits and also keep fit and healthy.

08 Jan 2017 1:59 AM

UN: Rohingya victims of crimes against humanity

Widespread and ongoing violations against Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya minority, including denial of citizenship, forced labour and sexual violence, could amount to crimes against humanity, the United Na

21 Jun 2016 4:56 AM

Swiss say no handshake exemption for Muslims

Religious belief is no excuse for refusing to shake a teacher’s hand, Swiss regional authorities ruled on Wednesday, reversing one school’s controversial decision to grant exemptions for Muslim pupils

26 May 2016 3:13 AM

Poverty rising in Europe: International Labour Organisation

A growing number of Europeans are living in “relative poverty”, the UN labour agency said Wednesday, warning that a lack of quality jobs worldwide was threatening to undo decades of progress in povert

20 May 2016 3:22 AM

Charlie Chaplin museum springs to life in Switzerland

Imagine moving along the cogs within giant machinery like Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, or tumbling inside a cabin teetering on the edge of a cliff as he did in Gold Rush.

15 Apr 2016 3:28 AM


Blankets cover Swiss glacier in bid to halt ice-melt

From afar, the Rhone glacier looks pristine, but on closer inspection the surface is covered with white blankets to slow the melting of the rapidly retreating ice.

13 Dec 2015 4:28 AM

‘Dangerously high antibiotic resistance levels worldwide’

Antibiotic resistance, which can turn common ailments into killers, has reached dangerous levels worldwide, the World Health Organisation warned on Monday, saying users still know too little about how

17 Nov 2015 5:19 AM

UN: El Nino worst in over 15 years

The “El Nino” phenomenon, which sparks global climate extremes, is this year the worst in more than 15 years, the UN weather agency said Monday, warning it was already causing severe droughts and floo

16 Nov 2015 11:25 PM