Monday, Apr 22, 2019 | Last Update : 07:48 AM IST

Nirtika Pandita

City gallery goes to Bahrain

Meet the artists who represented India at the Middle East’s most influential art fair — Art Bahrain Across Borders (ArtBAB).

20 Apr 2019 2:52 AM

‘Beauty lies in health and vitality’

The global make-up mogul Bobbi Brown talks about her journey, aesthetics, and which Indian celebrity she would like to work with.

17 Apr 2019 1:10 AM

Body-shaming continues

What Priyanka Paul finds funny is how most of the users who were body shamming her on Twitter are the ones with ‘Chowkidar’ in their username.

16 Apr 2019 10:49 PM

In pursuit of perfection

Photographer Supratim Bhattacharjee on pursuing his dream of becoming a ‘great documentary photographer’.

14 Apr 2019 5:13 AM

The great divide

“The attempt with this film is for people to know what is going on in the country,” adds Patwardhan, a signatory of the appeal against hate politics.

12 Apr 2019 12:00 AM


Pirates of the reel world

Film piracy websites eat into the profits of films, yet many such illicit websites continue to flourish.

09 Apr 2019 10:42 PM

Tattoos to tell the tale

An initiative by tribal community is looking for sustainable means of livelihood by turning their indigenous art into tattoos.

09 Apr 2019 5:02 AM

Towards soil-less farming

Banker-turned-farmer Linesh Narayan Pillai on bringing hydroponic farming to India and his efforts towards zero carbon food.

07 Apr 2019 2:07 AM

Towards soil-less farming

Banker-turned-farmer Linesh Narayan Pillai on bringing hydroponic farming to India and his efforts towards zero carbon food.

05 Apr 2019 12:02 AM

Man on a mission

From birds to reptiles, NGO Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare Rescue has rescued over 10,000 animals from around the city.

03 Apr 2019 12:42 AM


Teaching the basics

Sen now plans to increase the teaching hours as she intends to send them to a proper school.

29 Mar 2019 12:02 AM

Colours of Village India

Artisans from six states will display products that are aesthetically manufactured by fusing the age-old art forms with contemporary designs.

27 Mar 2019 12:01 AM

Pedalling to glory

Meet 40 year old Johny who has been cycling from one state to another in his mission to make more people embrace riding cycle.

26 Mar 2019 12:22 PM

Mind your language

While a petition has been filed demanding the ban of ‘Kya re, Alibaug se aaya kya?’, the phrase does have a historical context to it.

26 Mar 2019 12:00 AM

The Pilates queen

Namrata Purohit, started teaching pilates at age 16 and has a long list of celebrity clients to her credit.

24 Mar 2019 1:23 AM


Living the dream

Mumbai’s Nilam Tambe, the first Indian recipient of The Prince’s Trust Award, looks back at her journey.

22 Mar 2019 12:43 AM

The lives of others

Veteran photojournalist Ashish Raje captures the lives of those still living on the fringes of Mumbai's textile mills.

17 Mar 2019 5:48 AM

Acing the hip-hop style

The hip-hop revolution in Nalasopara began over a decade ago, when Rohan and team traveled to the US.

17 Mar 2019 12:00 AM

Seasonal emotions

The 14-minute film brings to fore the mental and emotional struggle of a common man through the seasonal transits in the city.

14 Mar 2019 12:17 AM

Not a wasted effort

In his quest to create a better environment, city resident invents a simple biogas plant that he aims to take to every household.

09 Mar 2019 6:45 AM