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178th Day Of Lockdown

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You’ve got a friend in me

Break-ups suck even when it isn’t yours. If your bestie is going through a break-up,experts want you to know that your presence is crucial.

24 Feb 2018 12:37 AM

Dishing out the dirt

As part of her creative process, Kaviya learns more about the topics to understand the bigger picture.

04 Feb 2018 7:00 AM

A touch of visual humour

Her project Materialistic Mumbai, a set of postcards, was a step in showing her love for the city.

14 Jan 2018 12:43 AM

Reviving tradition

Interior designer Hamsini Hariharan’s works are immensely inspired from her deep love for Indian folk art .

02 Jan 2018 12:47 AM

Save yourself from the rebound drama

Life coaches unanimously agree hitting the dating game again after a breakup isn’t a good idea.

08 Dec 2017 12:27 AM


It’s a starry burden

While Bollywood stars being the face of reality shows isn’t new on TV, today a popular face doesn’t guarantee the right buzz.

27 Nov 2017 12:12 AM

Don’t try this at home

These days actors are raring to perform their own stunts, even as stuntmen are still available on the sets of a movie.

25 Nov 2017 12:05 AM

Keep the sniffles at bay

With winter comes not just temperate weather but a range of illnesses. Nutritionists give us the lowdown of how to stay healthy this season.

24 Nov 2017 3:31 AM

Illustrator’s paradise

Fed up with corporate style of work and deadlines, Kanika Jain Gupta took a chance and started iktaara, which did wonders.

19 Nov 2017 12:11 AM

Is it too late to be a daddy?

Even as turning into a father in your twilight years is common, late fatherhood comes with its own set of risks and benefits.

17 Nov 2017 12:15 AM


A bushel of laughter everyday

Creator of the popular Awkward Yeti comic strip — Nick Seluk — speaks about the creative process that goes into his gag-a-day online comic strip.

10 Nov 2017 12:20 AM

Eat fat to beat fat?

Not really, maintain fitness experts, as they sit down to weigh the drawbacks of the keto diet.

03 Nov 2017 5:44 AM

Kaleidoscopic murals

Eduardo Kobra is spreading the message of peace through his colourful artwork.

28 Oct 2017 1:13 AM

Artist by destiny

Suvigya Sharma has created a name for himself in the field of miniature art and has clients ranging from the Prime Minister to actor Priyanka Chopra.

16 Oct 2017 12:20 AM

Architectural magic

Designs by Vindhya Guduru and Baba Sashank are making heads turn as the duo believes in th power of architectural experimentation.

15 Oct 2017 12:31 AM


Tracking the journey

Shanu Babar was five when he first travelled by Indian trains — one of the world’s largest railway networks.

10 Sep 2017 5:29 AM

A tender gender love story

The couple — Aarav, 46, and Sukanyeah, 23 — have hit the headlines this week for an intriguing reason.

03 Sep 2017 5:32 AM

No country for old men?

With Vijaypat Singhania being the latest senior citizen left to controversially fend for himself.

21 Aug 2017 12:29 AM

Meet the cookie Mafia boss

Neha Sethi’s business venture has come a long way from the humble offering from her Nano car.

06 Aug 2017 12:20 AM

When thin isn’t in

It’s high time, we look beyond these conventional standards and beauty types and really celebrate who we are: Khyati

18 Jul 2017 12:04 AM