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  Books   14 Nov 2019  Tender little moments

Tender little moments

Published : Nov 14, 2019, 8:05 am IST
Updated : Nov 14, 2019, 8:05 am IST

The Truth about Magic is a collection of poems that evocatively highlights life in all its hues.

The Truth About Magic by Atticus, Publisher: Hachette India, Pp.247, Rs 699
 The Truth About Magic by Atticus, Publisher: Hachette India, Pp.247, Rs 699

Good poetry is like chicken soup for the soul. It warms your heart even more than a human connect. Atticus, the infamous poet, who refuses to be identified visually or by his real name, excels in emotional poetry. He writes about all things wonderful and some cynical. There is a gentleness in his words that takes the sting away from the harshness of life. He makes you fall in .love with words, cities and even falling in love!

Atticus’s third collection of poems, titles The Truth About Magic, is simple in language but profound in thought.


This book is for
the day dreamers,
The night thinkers,
The summer skinny dippers
For anyone who ever said
‘the night is young’
Or watched the sunrise on a beach
Far from home---
But mostly it’s for you
The quiet ones
At parties
Looking out of windows
Wondering about the stars

It is this part-lyrical part philosophical approach to life that sets the mood for the collection of wonderful little couplets that the reader finds himself going back to repeatedly.

We just want
The world to love
The little monsters
We are….

Several such precious nuggets are found all through the book, making it a delightful read. You can read it while snuggling into your warm blanket on a stormy night or reach out for his poems, if there is storm brewing in your head.
All she wanted was that cozy kind of love
The kind that felt like
Hot chocolate,
Or wood fires
In small houses
Hard to describe
But you know it when you got it….


The subjects are as scattered as the images in the poet’s head. But beneath the basic imagery lies a deeply sensitive mind that has clearly undergone all the highs and lows of life.
We grow old chasing the truths we knew as children...

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