'Big deal,' high school teen says of Jeff Bezos when told he was a top CEO

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Bezos surprised a company-funded computer science class at Dunbar High School in Washington, DC on Monday.

The student asked 'Who's Jeff Bezos?' twice, to another student sitting behind him. (Photo: Screengrab)

Washington DC: Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos is world's richest man and an inspiration to many, but for a a high school student is just another guest speaker.

Bezos surprised a company-funded computer science class at Dunbar High School in Washington, DC on Monday, but in a video, which went viral on social media, a student had no clue who Jeff Bezos was.

The student asked ''Who's Jeff Bezos?'' twice, to another student sitting behind him.

The teen was later informed that Bezos owns one of the largest companies in the world but the teen was not surprised and said, "Big deal, so what?", The New York Post reported.

In another video, later, Bezos was seen talking to the same kid and he explained the CEO his computer project. Bezos told him: "You are a good storyteller. Keep up that skill too".

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The teen ended up being the only one from the class who spoke to the world's richest man.

The video was taken by NBC Washington's Caroline Tucker at the school.

"This morning @amazon is at Dunbar High School in DC to announce a milestone in its Future Engineer Program. They had a surprise guest... Jeff Bezos,' she tweeted.

"The young man in the class ended up being the only one who spoke to Jeff Bezos about how much he has learned about coding. Later on, he told me he wanted to "seize" the opportunity to talk to the CEO," Tucker added.

Several people reacted on her tweet:

"If he's not an Instagram "influencer" how will the kids know about him? Maybe we need a shot of @JeffBezos on the beach in a bikini for the kids to show interest," posted one user.

Another tweeted: "People is judging the kid, but he is there to learn and maybe high-tech celebrities are not on his wish list"

According to teachers, only three out of 15 students knew who Bezos was when the billionnaire paid a surprise visit.

The American entrepreneur is the owner of 'The Washington Post' and his successful business ventures have made him the richest person on the planet.

He has an estimated net worth of USD 110 billion despite a hefty divorce settlement with ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos worth USD 35.6 billion in Amazon stock. This made her one of the top five richest women in the world and one of Amazon's largest shareholders, IANS reported.