This is how the Apple iPhone 11 could look without that ugly square camera bump

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This beautifully designed concept shows what the 2019 Apple iPhone could look like without the camera bump.

With the iPhone 11, Apple will be finally moving away from the dual camera setup to a triple camera configuration on the rear. (Designed by DBHK-Hasan Kaymak Innovations in Kassel, Germany)

With Apple set to debut the iPhone 11 sometime in September, the final design of the handset has been leaked in concept renders. One thing that’s a commonality among all the leaks is that the brand will be adding a Huawei-style square camera bump on the rear. This new design trait has polarizing opinions with half of the tech community voicing their displeasure at this new design. One graphic designer has taken it into his own hands to give us a glimpse of what the iPhone 11 would look like without the camera bump.

Jonas Daehnert has shown off a beautiful iPhone 11 render without the camera hump and subtle flash and we have to commend his work as this new design looks not just modern but completely clean as well.

With the iPhone 11, Apple will be finally moving away from the dual camera setup to a triple camera configuration on the rear. These leaks are based on schematics that were stolen from a Foxconn factory where the aforementioned handset will be assembled. This in itself gives us definite proof that we should come to expect this as the final design. The glass on the rear could look a bit different from the leaked renders as it is said to be frosted and not glossy. This information was shared by well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has a stellar track record when it comes to Apple leaks.

As per a report by BGR, people on Reddit and Twitter who have seen this leaked image claim that the new square camera bump is ugly but then again when leaks of every Apple device surfaced, the initial reactions were the same. Only once the handset launches do people forget about all these style choices and embrace the new design with open arms no matter what their first reactions had been. With that being said, we can expect Apple to have a sizable camera bump as it is no easy task to fit all the camera components in the device and keep the rear flush.

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