Dhamakedaar like a firecracker — the VingaJoy SP-6560 wireless speaker

the asian age  | Annie Thomas

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It’s astonishing how the little pocket speaker packs such a big punch, like the 'Diwali atom bomb' it seems to resemble.

The VingaJoy SP-6560 Wireless Bluetooth speaker fits in your fist and can be carried anywhere.

Looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s big on sound but small in size? Look no further than the VingaJoy’s latest SP-6560 metal wireless speaker. It’s cute as a button but will blow you away with its powerful sound.

Available in four colours, the device scores for being made of metal, not flimsy plastic, and yet being compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. As portable as the ‘pocket mein rocket’ VingaJoy SP-6560 is, you can also take your music outdoors.

When switched on, the device’s voice alert announces VingaJoy’s tag line: ‘Be loud, Be Proud’. But don’t take that ‘command’ so seriously that you annoy your co-passengers on a train or bus with it. Use headphones, earphones or earbuds while in a public place, but do feel free to show off the VingaJoy SP-6560 at your next party or picnic.

The VingaJoy SP-6560 can easily be paired with your Android phone, iPhone or your laptop and has a range of up to 11 metres from the connected device that you’re relaying music from. As loud as it is, the speaker’s promised bass is not the most powerful you might have heard, but it appears that effort has been put in to ‘bass over’ the bit of tinny sound that comes across.

The Bluetooth-enabled speaker is powered by a rechargeable 400 mAh battery that gives you up to eight hours of uninterrupted music at mid-level volume. Charging it is a straightforward task, like with your phone. And the device comes with a USB cable that commonly charges Android phones. So it’s easy and hassle-free.

The VingaJoy Pocket Mein Rocket SP-6560 5W Metal Wireless Speaker is available in retail outlets.