Green tea of all shades

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The world of tea infused with flavours is all about making green tea — complete with the health benefits — tasty for all.

We spoke to Bhuman Dani, co-founder of The Good Life Company, who delineated the many benefits of this tea to us.

Some people really (really) love green tea. Rich in antioxidants, the beverage helps them detox and lose weight. But be rest assured — if you are a green tea addict, there’s really no other drink with which you will trade the good ’ol green cuppa. But for others, the taste makes its consumption a strict no-no. However, in that case, what if we tell you that you can derive the benefits of green tea, even as you are sipping on what’s popularly known as flavoured tea?

These happen to be a product of infusion, where a base tea — typically green or black — is infused with a particular leaf, flower, fruit, or other organic ingredient that adds taste and flavour to the concoction, while retaining the benefits of drinking green tea.

We spoke to Bhuman Dani, co-founder of The Good Life Company, who delineated the many benefits of this tea to us.

He revealed, “Infused tea gives you the best of both worlds. The green tea leaves make it very healthy, but not really tasty. Enjoying plain green tea is an acquired taste that not many can have. Infusion adds taste, flavour and colour in the form of natural ingredients. Moreover, infusion brings its own benefits. For instance, green tea
is mixed with banana melon, guava, sunflowers, and cornflowers.

“The only reason that the cornflower petal is there is because cornflower is very good for your eyes. This tea also has health benefits that the key ingredients add. The whole idea is to make a beverage that people can have on a regular basis.”

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He continues, “Fruit tea is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and it’s great for removing toxins and keeping the immune system strong. It's very similar to tea leaves, with regard to still having high levels of health benefits”

Another benefit of flavoured/infusion tea is the energy boost that it gives. “Your energy level also goes up with the tea. The health benefits of the fruit are additional and provide you with more energy — something that can’t be said for most other sugary drinks. One can also have infusion tea in any form. It can be consumed hot or cold, but that is not the case with plain green tea,” adds Bhuman.