Pretty in Purple

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As an eye colour, you can pair it up with a number of hues to make it stand out.

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Purple is a very versatile colour that looks good no people no matter what they do. As an eye colour, you can pair it up with a number of hues to make it stand out. You’re best bet is to  use just one shade of purple for a pop of color. Add glitter to give it a blinged up finish.


1) Apply an eye primer or concealer on eyelid using a brush. Its helps the eye shadow blend better.

2) Apply a light eyeshadow over it to help blending later. A light seashell colour works best. Use a brush of your choice and pack on a purple hue of your choice.

3) Blend out the edges using a larger fluffy brush. Use small circular strokes and blend up and out to diffuse the colour.  You know you’re done blending when there are no harsh lines and everything is smooth.

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4) For more intensity, add more eyeshadow and blend properly. Blending can take some of the colour away so you may need to use your first brush to apply more colour to get your ideal level of opaqueness.

5) Apply some purple eyeshadow under eye for a smokier look.

6) Blend using a fluffy brush. Do the same thing as on the lid and blend out in small circular strokes. Make sure to go easy on the blending.

7) Line you’re eyes and apply mascara if desired. For example, you can simply line your water line to intensify the lash line. This is a good technique if you don't feel like doing winged liner for every look.

– The writer is a makeup artiste.