How to work on your decision-making skills

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Read on to know about the four factors can influence your decision-making.

Figure out what's troubling you to take better decisions. (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

There have been several methods to figure out your problems and solutions. While there’s no sure-shot solution for all the issues in your book, there are certain ways that5 simply work well for you. The HALT method is one such way to stop yourself from taking impulsive decisions, according to Michael Eason. All of us have natural impulses, but they can often turn out to be unhealthy for our mind. However, it’s also possible to identify these and work on them. Here’s what the HALT method is all about:

Hunger: It represents the lack of something in our body. In its most basic terms, it’s associated with the need to eat, that is, the need for nutrition. You might have heard of how people are often “hangry”, a blend of hungry and angry. As blood sugar levels go down, a person becomes irritated. It’s important to know that hunger could also be the need for emotional satisfaction, like intimacy or validation.

Anger: It can change our feelings in a drastic way. The brain activates its “fight or flight” mode, which is our response to stress. We tend to over-react, so it’s essential to let everything out. Try meditating or exercising to release everything.

Loneliness: One of the most common triggers for unhealthy behaviours, loneliness is supplemented by negative thoughts. In some cases, it can lead to self-harm, or alcohol addiction. Reach out to your close ones. It might feel like impossibility for you to talk to them, but once you interact with a closed one, things feel better. You can also pursue activities that build you.

Tired: If you have a disturbed sleep cycle, or are suffering from insomnia, it can affect your productivity. We tend to take wrong decisions because we can’t think optimally. Getting proper sleep is thus an important factor to keep in mind when it comes to making the most of your life.

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If you feel caught up in any situation, consider whether any of these four factors are responsible for your state. Chances are, that you’re feeling caught up because your basic needs aren’t being met. That’s what HALT is based on. If you’ve figured it out, take a deep breath and reconsider your decision.