Review: ITC Grand Central introduces All New Menu at Shanghai Club

The Asian Age.  | Arpita Halder

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Dip your senses in the rich authentic flavours of the orient.

The menu offers plethora of tantalising dishes that is worth trying. (Photo: File)

Shanghai Club at ITC Grande Central, Mumbai has recently unveiled its unique oriental cuisine which has been curated by the in-house kitchen experts. It has been a five-month culinary journey, which started off in the month of January traversing through the five regions of China: Sichuan- Hunan-Canton-Shanghai-Beijing. I was invited at the launch to taste the new menu to experience the oriental flavour.

Aroma; it is the one thing that caught my attention. The rich aroma is delightful giving you an idea of the distinctive favours. At Shanghai Club, you can relish the fresh flavours from Shanghai or the most widely served dishes known for its primitive flavours from the Canton region. Sumptuous imperial delicacies from Beijing or bold and fierce zests from Sichuan and Hunan; the menu has it all and will leave you spoiled for choices.

The cuisine philosophy revolves around Chef Yuanzhong Jia’s interpretation of giving the traditional a contemporary spin. The menu offers a plethora of tantalising dishes that are worth trying. This includes like crispy lobster tossed with Sichuan peppers, Braised red snapper and black mushroom in Beijing style chilli sauce, Braised chicken and mushrooms in a unique Cantonese barbecue sauce, Shanghai Style Stir-fried flat rice noodles with pokchoy and vegetables.

Being an ardent seafood lover my personal favourite is the Crispy Lobster Tossed with Sichuan Peppers. While talking about seafood, ITC’s ‘Choose Wisely’ program finds special mention here. Based on Responsible Luxury, ‘Choose Wisely’ program focuses entirely on empowering and enabling their guests with the ‘luxury of choice’.

What more do you need but to enjoy the luxury the sustainable way? If you are looking for a delectable place to dine and satiate your taste buds in the rich flavour of the oriental, then this is the place to be. Right from the décor to the ambience, light and the music everything exudes an oriental vibe making it a memorable experience with your friends and loved ones.

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