Pune based Entrepreneur Akash Pillay on the learnings gained out of the lockdown


While some are trying to be sane and productive, others are trying to cope up with the hard times

Akash Pillay

The lockdown imposed by the government authorities to fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic has brought in a lot of change in everyone’s life.

While some are trying to be sane and productive, others are trying to cope up with the hard times.

Akash Pillay, an entrepreneur and event manager based in Pune shares his experience of lockdown and how has it changed his life. Being the owner of an event management company, Akash has been facing many losses professionally. But overcoming this issue, Akash Pillay has made the most out of his quarantine to keep him sane and productive.

The entrepreneur has been focused on his lifestyle and health more than ever. Right from eating healthy to working out without fail has been a daily routine for him.

The pandemic has affected various families financially due to loss of work. Akash, when learned about this, came forward to help the local families by donating masks and other sanitary products which are in need in today’s time. He not just helped families, but also made sure that the dogs in his vicinity too receive help and thus provided them with food and shelter every day.

The whole world in into this crisis together and people like Akash Pillay are simply the ones who the nation needs right now.

Talking about the same, Akash shares, “I have experienced a lot in these past 3 months both emotionally and financially. Hospitality and event industries are majorly hit due to the lockdown. But as a responsible citizen, I decided to bear the economic losses rather than violating the rules set by the government. This lockdown has taught me the best and the worst things in my life. And I will always have this with me throughout my life”.

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