Reyansh and his family miss vacations as lockdown forces everyone homebound


Hanupriya said that they are waiting for things to return to normal so that they can resume their travelling routine

Reyansh Chenna

As the Covid-19 pandemic began raging in India, the resultant lockdown forced the entire country inside their homes for a good four months.

All Summer vacation plans and well chalked out in advance trips went up in thin air, as people even stopped stepping out of the thresholds of their  homes, what to say of travelling to exotic locations.

One such family is that of Reyansh Chenna and his mother Hanupriya, who are locked up in their hometown Bhimavaram in Andhra Pradesh for the past few months owing to the pandemic which has confined every individual within the confines of four walls of  their homes.               

Reyans’s mother is reminiscing about how frequently, in fact in other words, every month, they travel a lot as their businesses are spread across several countries.

Her son Reyansh and the entire family were in Sri Lanka for a holiday, just days before the lockdown was announced. They had gone there as Reyansh loves beaches.

The family, now stuck at its hometown, wistfully remembered how they even had a beach party in Sri Lanka as Reyansh used to force them to visit the beaches almost everyday.

Hanupriya said that they are waiting for things to return to normal so that they can resume their travelling routine.

Reyansh, she says is a complete water baby as he loves swimming pools, beaches, Jacuzzis and water parks and just like his parents, he too loves travelling.

However all those plans would have to wait for their fulfilment, till the time things return back to normal.

Owing to the pandemic, international air travel in India is currently on hold and only those Indians who were working abroad, are being brought back and they too have to follow the strict regimen of observing 15 days of isolation, before they can even go to their homes and meet their loved ones.

Children like Reyansh are getting restless sitting in their homes and not getting to play outside, something which is extremely essential for young children and remaining indoors for several months, has even started affecting their mental health.

Parents themselves are not stepping out of homes, unless it is extremely necessary, so the question of sending children outside to play, as for now seems out of the question.