Aditya Saini’s Story Of Making It Big In Social Media Through Sarcasm And Sadcasm


Saini is the co-founder of Sarcasm and Sadcasm which has more than 42 million and 20 million followers each

Aditya Saini.

If you have been around social media, you would be knowing about Digihood Media. This is a content sharing platform that got its initial spark through Sarcasm and Sadcasm which grew bigger than anybody's expectations. Aditya Saini is the co-founder of Sarcasm and Sadcasm which has more than 42 million and 20 million respectively.

Aditya Saini, living in a small town in Mandawa, Rajasthan has made a platform that serves to people all around the world; call it a Cinderella story or a story of immense hard work and passion. Aditya has always tried to make a mark in the social media platforms, looking at its potential. Did he exceed the expected potential? Yes, he did since Sarcasm is now the biggest Indian entertainment page on Facebook.

Aditya’s story clicks with every single person and that is because the journey has been quite inspiring. He started off with marketing in order to earn as much as he required and then went on a quest to create something as big. If we see the mindset, Aditya has always been a philanthropic person whose main idea of creating Sarcasm and Sadcasm was to spread laughter and joy after anybody's hectic day of work. Giving a medium to be able to release their stress by looking at relatable and funny content is something Aditya succeeded in doing.

The initial push that the pages got was only because of the great content and that’s exactly what has helped it come so long. After the purpose of making people smile was served, Aditya did not stop and went on to gather a variety of audience. This is the reason why the page did not only produce funny and relatable content for teenagers, but also created a lot of inspirational stuffs to help the people in need. Starting from inspirational life-stories of celebrities to posting videos that everybody should watch in order to gain more knowledge, Aditya did them all.

After the pages got enough recognition and the purpose with which Aditya started the company was fulfilled, he built partnerships with many brands all around the world, especially India. The brands that they have collaborated with include Ola Cabs, Monster Jobs India, Kwid and many more.

Aditya said that the complete plan was created in his head very early and he was just working according to it without looking left or right. This is what he believes gave him the success. It's true that the main audience of both the pages are millennials but it would be wrong to say it's completely filled with millennials and teenagers. Now, this was possible only because of the variation of content. All in all, it feels like Sarcasm and Sadcasm has found the magic ingredient to make it big on social media.

Aditya has always depended on good and able minds for the major plannings and that's where the other co-founders come into play. The team was exceptional, thus making the brand so viral in much less time. From being a normal serviceman to becoming the co-founder of one of the biggest pages on Facebook, his story is very inspirational.


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