Sunny Bundel and Sunny Kumar, bringing changes in the new normal with their efforts through PC Builder


Because of their hard work, their website, PC Builder, is helping people build compatible PC parts at such wide coverage

Sunny Bundel and Sunny Kumar

A dedicated mind and a firm heart can never lose what it aims to see ahead. They might have some setbacks, but definitely, they are not the ones to stop. For them, motivation is like a daily dose, and work is a stabilizer of the mind’s havoc. They match their vibes to the challenges and give their best, just like Sunny Kumar and Sunny Bundel, the two most talented and passionate entrepreneurs who have pulled together a means to achieve the goals and reach more than a million users.

Because of their hard work, their website, PC Builder, is helping people build compatible PC parts at such wide coverage. In their interview, they also stated that growing a business during a pandemic like Corona is not easy for them. They have to suffer a lot and to ease their marketing needs, they've also developed a tool named Mail Pitch which automates their cold emails to reach the right webmasters for their business stabilization. By all means, they are two minds with a heartfelt desire to help people and make them achieve the best of what they are expecting ahead.

“Believe in the work you do, and the achievement will follow around”. A single line with much truth that describes the journey of Sunny Kumar and Sunny Bundel has been depicted well with the right choice of words. Both these people come from two different cities in India, Sunny Bundel from Ajmer and Sunny Kumar from New Delhi. Even for their passion, the former is a developer while the latter is a digital marketer. Yet, even after so many differences they have, the dedication they show, one wouldn’t find the difference in the hearts. They are just focused on achieving their goals, and their success story is becoming an inspiration for many.

In one recent interaction with Sunny Bundel, he said, “Well, being the founder of PC Builder and trying out MailPitch, we have come across many hurdles but what we didn’t come across is a thought to stop. In a time when people were losing hopes, we were trying to make it happen, and we are here, standing with success in our hands. I don’t say we are the only one giving in efforts, and we appreciate every person standing up for themselves and the community. Be it small or big, every effort for us counts, and I am quite sure that it will all pay off at the end.” A simple message with such positivity, enthusiasm, and appreciation is really hard to find, and all that can be said is that we need more people like them around. It will bring in the difference and change, something which we are all expecting of.

“Marketing to Developing and maintenance, we work strategically. We make sure to use our potential and to assure customers of the right deal. We are also trying to reach out more and more with our amazing collaboration, making us learn lessons and use them right to gain more opportunities. It is very simple today, with internet access, with the right essence, with professionals all around, I mean, all you need is to specify what you need, and your biggest challenge becomes your biggest opportunity. So, why wait? Why look for the unforeseen? Make up your mind, and the success is yours. Just make it happen.” True is his words and the way of dealing, and it is truly acceptable that with the right minds like these two, more than a million lives will be affected, and it will be positive.

“Every victory is a win, of course, but every hand-of-help is relaxation, satisfaction, and development”, and they are both giving in best, and they have the right knowledge of integration. From pandemic to the new normal, their ideas and journey, it is all going in the right step, and surely it will keep providing solutions that would matter.

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