Dream Run at Dalal Street


Chapra's company Portfolio Management Service Business is said to be quadrupled its business in the first quarter of 2021

Faraaz Irfan Chapra aka “Sirus A”

Faraaz Irfan Chapra aka “Sirus A” of Dalal Street is having a dream run when it’s comes to his Portfolio Management Service Business. The company is said to be quadrupled its business in the first quarter of 2021.

S’cube Inc which is an investment arm to Chapra Capital Ventures recently acquired a minor stake in ACE Equities which saw a revenue growth of 77% last financial year. As reported the company is intending to diversify in the fintech space, primarily in order to develop a retail presence

Chapra Capital Venture has its base in Singapore alongside which their Indian Unit manages assets and equity for its Indian. The company has invested in over 15 start-ups in seed funding and has a very deep exposure in the private equity front of finance and banking sectors. The company has an exceptional record in liquidation of listed and non-listed businesses. Now the company and have made a name in the business with consistent and strong performance

The company is currently managed by Irfan Ismail Chapra who is the Co-founder of the company who’s vision is to get in to the retail broking and mutual fund space.

Faraaz Irfan Chapra who is backed by many FII and DII fund-managers and is involved in multiple IPO’s currently, has created a very good stance at the Dalal street and the future for the business looks bright at the moment

Chapra Capital Ventures is one of the company which has used the Covid-19 Meltdown to their advantage, the organizations Bold approach towards the calamity has been appreciated .

With most of the brokerages setting targets on the Sensex at around 60000 it is fair to say the Indian stock Markets are in a multiyear bull run, which is indicative that if good strategies are to be followed one can create fortunes

Another important aspect is that the global economy is flooded with liquidity which is very good for the stock market, also that the borrowing rates have also been at the lowest with interests like 2% p.a. gives birth to a lot of investors and that the Indian stock market could take out the current high very easily. However there is also growing competition in the business and hence the constant fight to gain more and more market share continues and hence over the period of time only the fittest and the sharpest mind will survive.


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