Shubham S Rajpoot, the young digital influencer setting a benchmark in the industry


Shubham’s goal is to make some interesting and relatable content according to the taste of the general public

Shubham S Rajpoot.

Shubham Kumar who’s popularly known as Shubham S. Rajpoot has been getting a lot of momentum on social media. Born on November 15, 1997, in Patna, Bihar, India, he completed his education in Mechanical engineering. However, despite being an engineering student he was inclined towards the world of digital media. That saw a change in his work and since early 2012 he has been active on social media platform Facebook. After understanding several aspects of digital media, he started working for a digital media agency. With novel ideas.

Today we live in a world where people have access to the content which has no limit. Keeping this in mind, Shubham believes to give his audience the content which works best according to the latest trends. With the ever-growing and ever-changing content, the digital influencer has been open to experimenting with new ideas.

Talking about it he said, “Today’s era is growing at a rapid pace and digitalization is reaching new heights. As an influencer, I make sure to create the content which has a universal appeal and due to cut-throat competition I need to make sure that my content stands apart from all.”

The influencer has set a benchmark for himself by creating relatable content not just for himself but also for his clients. His expertise in social media saw him become the social media manager of several parliamentarians in 2019. After getting a good experience.

Today, Shubham has already proved himself as a skilled and talented social media influencer who went against the tides of society and made his career at a very young age. Shubham proves to be a shining example and an inspiration, especially to people from small towns who dream big in life. He only follows his heart and urges people to do the same and start very early in life to expand newer horizons and learn each day.

Shubham’s goal is to make some interesting and relatable content according to the taste of the general public. With having limited resources, it took a little time for Shubham S. Rajpoot to climb the ladder of success but nothing could stop this influencer to follow his passion.


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