Sayyed Sohel Torvi aka Suhail Rasool is one of the foremost influential personality

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Sayyed Sohel Torvi is a 26 year old entrepreneur, influencer and a magnificent motivational speaker

Sayyed Sohel Torvi.

What requires is an ability to influence people , to bring a change in their ideas, perspective and importantly their opinion that what matters a lot.
Nowadays people have chosen social media which is serving as an independent platform for them to express themselves and influence others. Among many renowned influencers the first name that strikes to the mind is of the young talent of Bangalore "Sayyed Sohel Torvi”.

Sayyed Sohel Torvi is a 26 year old entrepreneur, influencer and a magnificent motivational speaker. He is having a large scale Granite export business. Owing a company named Ababil Granite pvt.Ltd and having a healthy business relationship with well developed countries like China and Taiwan. Unlike other Influencers his modus operandi is somewhat different and appealing.

Having an account on Instagram( with more than 22.3k followers he is doing an astounding job.  Apart from this he is also having a YouTube channel( with more than 1.4k subscribers . His positive perspective about life stimulate him to create motivational contents on social media. Commendable oratory skills leading him on the path of becoming an ideal example for youth of our country. Besides a successful entrepreneur he is a man of values. He believes in encouraging and inspiring others to hustle hard day and night and achieve the target. His Goal is not only to be a successful entrepreneur  of this era but also to leave an impact on an ideal number of people through his charismatic temperament.

It is said that a Good leader should possess the  influential quality to guide his followers, we have a dazzling exemplar "Sayyed Sohel Torvi aka Suhail Rasool". Yes! His influential disposition made him won the NDIA Leadership Award 2019, that's sounds amazing.

His power of words and way of expressing himself segregate him from the crowd and making him one of the most puissant personality of the age. From consuming a lot of values and life lessons from his motivational content he has proved himself as a man of his words in the eyes of innumerable people.

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