Shibuya Kaho, a former adult actor is now trying her hand at cosplaying

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Kaho has always been a multi-faceted personality, dawning many hats during the course of her career.

Shibuya Kaho.

Formerly known to be a news reporter, the adult film star, Shibuya Kaho is about to venture into new waters. After announcing her retirement from the adult industry, the woman of many talents, has been exploring her love for manga and anime through professional cosplay.

Her decision to leave the adult film industry would surely disappoint many of her fans but for her, this was a natural transition. She explained, “From when I was a little girl, I havealways been passionate about anime and manga, hence, venturing into the world of professional cosplay was the best choice I’ve ever made”  

Kaho has always been a multi-faceted personality, dawning many hats during the course of her career. “I began my career as a reporter for a newspaper but it was all about waiting for baseball players and writing about them. I chose to become somebody myself rather than writing about other people’s achievements. After my extensive experience in several avenues, cosplay has always been close to my heart, and now I’ve taken the plunge”

Cosplay has gained momentum in recent years and shows a steady growth for future avenues. According to the China Research and Intelligence (CRI), cosplay as an industry has an approximate value of USD 25 to 50 billion, making the potential market even greater. This has enabled many to leverage a steady income from comic con and cosplay events but being a professional isn’t all that easy. “Each piece that I wear is designed by various cosplay designers and prop artists, which can go up to thousands of dollars sometimes. If you are a hobbyist then you wouldn’t like to spend that much but it is definitely going to cost you if you want a superior costume”, explained Shibuya when conversing about the industry and how the standards have changed.

Shibuya who recently launched her own cosplay photobook aimed at people of all ages, including children, is excited about her future prospects. Her massive fan following and several appearances on Fuji TV and other networks led her to being invited to an all-ages Anime Expo in Los Angeles, two years in a row. She is also going to be a guest of honour at Anime California, this August. All the fans can definitely catch a glimpse of her breath-taking renditions of popular characters from anime, manga, video games and pop culture. Shibuya Kaho is sure to leave her mark in the world of cosplay and beyond.