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Age on Sunday

Twenty eight-year-old Sonal Baid, the only woman in a male-dominated industry of Drone manufacturing, talks about her love for flying machines.

Flying high with drones

Drones are distributed sensors that make the internet smarter.

Michael David Lukas

Journey through the past

In the tightly woven tale, each narrative is peopled by characters whose importance lies in the era they live in.

Photographer by chance

Devaraj Devan’s clicks explore the lesser-known side of Hampi, the amazing city of ruins in Karnataka.

A sip of luxury

Drinking tea is a daily ritual but when poured from an exotic teapot, it’s an experience.

Rhythmic moves

Oriental Stretch, otherwise known as Thai Massage, is a combination of yoga-like postures and body massage based on team work.

Joys of a simple life

Avolasca is a village of about two hundred odd people, mostly old.

I know that I am blessed, says Kajol

I think movies should be entertaining, and that’s my only criteria for the films I choose to do and the films I choose to watch.