Saturday, Apr 20, 2019 | Last Update : 06:00 PM IST

Age on Sunday

(Illustration: Kushal Bhattacharya)

Quixotic Rahul may well pull out a victory

Rahul Gandhi is at his wits’ end as to which way he should steer the party.

As opposed to the Prime Minister’s self-projection about his real and imagined achievements, the RSS believes in working silently.

Will Modi remain Sangh’s favourite?

The friction between the RSS and Mr Modi is not over Hindutva per se but more about political functioning.

It’s about time two warring Indias unite

The divide between the secular and believer has always been simmering in India. For decades the believer who was quiet has now come out.

Regional satraps have the last laugh

Not all voters are comfortable with the idea of one party one nation.

Regional parties have their limitations

The inference is clear: An alliance with the TD holds good only in Andhra Pradesh, where it has a good hold.

Jammu & Kashmir: elected government, new strategy needed

The Pakistan Army is hamstrung by the state of the economy but will not openly hold out an olive branch.