Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019 | Last Update : 02:48 AM IST

Age on Sunday

Social media has effectively managed to democratise communication bringing the power back to the hands of the people.

How social media became people power

The anonymity that the medium affords has allowed those with no voice to speak out against oppressors and has engendered powerful change.

Ghazala Wahab, executive editor, Force India, feels that #MeToo has created a platform offering easy recall, trust and support.

Salute to the women who dared

Victims of sexual harassment now have a platform to speak out; You cannot but admire the women who carved a path for their less confident sisters.

Men protected by ‘himpathy’

Though the legal process to book the perpetrators may be a long-drawn-out one, A great start has been made — of calling them out.

The Predator has many faces

They are everywhere, those who abuse with impunity, at the workplace, on the playground, in the classroom.

That hand on your shoulder

A clear definition of what comprises sexual harassment lays the foundation for the fight against the menace.

Women, the law has your back!

While women have taken to social media in droves to call out offenders, the law, too, is here to protect, even though it’s a long drawn process.

Where to draw the line?

Bollywood debates on whether the overtly sexual portrayal of women in films should be challenged or whether mindsets must be allowed to change.