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Age on Sunday

(Illustration: Prashant Hirlekar)

End to male privilege of instant divorce

Valiant Muslim women in India take up the big fight to change the misogynistic Islamic divorce law of triple talaq.

Supreme Court of India (Photo: PTI)

Love wins! Rainbow lights up rights

Many landmark judgements of the top court led up to the Sept 6 ruling to decriminalise Sec. 377. The task now is to build a more inclusive society.

Inherent rights of daughters upheld

The Supreme Court judgement on the inheritance rights of Hindu women pronounced on February 1, 2018, will have a far reaching impact.

Women are not property of men

Woman world over was deemed to be a ‘responsibility’ of the men. But SC unshackled them with a series of progressive verdicts in 2018.

Sabari Saga: Beyond what is obvious

While for the court, Sabarimala is an issue that comes under the realm of rights, political parties view it from a different perspective.

Most world goes easy on adultery

Adultery is more of a moral crime than a legal crime in China.