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Age on Sunday

Mubeen Farooqi making a ‘victory’ sign outside the Court in Pathankot.

The Kathua crusaders

DNA and police investigations revealed that she was held inside a local temple where she was drugged, raped and killed.

Gautam Bhatia, author

A radical approach

These radical verdicts are the protagonists of Gautam Bhatia’s second book.

Extraordinary of the mundane

Real life drama on the street with photographer Saumalya Ghosh, who captures it on his camera in the purest, original form.

Dig into delish croissants

This yummy French Confection has now become a staple diet even in India as many foodies love to sink their teeth into this delicious bread.

Melt that pound of extra flesh!

If you are desperately trying to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits in your body, here are some workouts to follow.

A mélange of experiences

Situated on the West Coast of America, Portland is known for its scenic beauty as also for its quirky restaurants, bookstores and markets.

‘I never refuse a good role over money’

Swara Bhasker opens up about her new venture, battling trolls on a regular basis.