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Brazil: Footballer gets 22-yr jail for conspiring partner's murder, feeding body to dog

Published : Apr 26, 2017, 8:18 pm IST
Updated : Apr 26, 2017, 8:18 pm IST

Police believed De Souza had planned her abduction and murder along with eight others.

Brazilian footballer Bruno Fernandes de Souza (Photo: AP)
 Brazilian footballer Bruno Fernandes de Souza (Photo: AP)

Rio de Janeiro: A Brazilian footballer, who was released from jail in February to appeal against his conviction of 22 years imprisonment for conspiring the murder of his girlfriend and feeding her chopped up body parts to his dogs, has been sent to prison again.

According to a report in Daily Mail, the footballer, Bruno Fernandes de Souza, was sent back to prison by Brazil’s Supreme Court after the victim’s parents, who claimed that his release before a final trial of his appeal would put their lives at risk.

De Souza, who has already served the nine months of his 22-year jail term, admitted before the court that he had conspired to kill Samudio in 2010 along with his friends and relatives. He, however, denied the allegations that he himself murdered her.

Souza, the former captain of the Brazil’s Flemango football club, admitted that he wanted his girlfriend to be dead so that he could avoid paying child support after she gave birth to their child.

Police believed De Souza had planned her abduction and murder along with eight others, which includes his wife Dayane, another ex-lover and a younger cousin.

Denying the claims of murder, Souza said to the court that he had paid 8,000 pounds to former policeman-turned hitman Luiz Santos to torture and murder his ex-girlfriend for six days at a property in Belo Horizonte.

The body of the dead model was chopped into pieces and fed to his rottweilers breed dog.

Souza, 32, who met Samudio during club’s party in 2009, and later had an affair, during which the victim fell pregnant.

The goalkeeper never wanted the child with her, hence, he demanded to have an abortion but Samudio went ahead with the pregnancy and forced convict to assume paternity of the child.

This could also be the reason for the murder, police said during trail.

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