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Best gift ideas for the elderly

Published : Dec 28, 2017, 9:48 pm IST
Updated : Dec 28, 2017, 9:50 pm IST

Here are some of the best gift recommendations for the elderly.

Buying a perfect gift is quite tricky. (Representative Image)
 Buying a perfect gift is quite tricky. (Representative Image)

Buying a perfect gift is quite tricky. You never know what the other person wants. And you can't ask because without a surprise a gift is kind of pointless. Things get even more difficult when you are buying it for someone who is from a different generation. Since I turned 32 last month, I think I better understand the seniors in our society. So, here's the list of hand-picked gifts for elderly:

Saregama Carvaan (Rs 5,990)


Have you been ever asked to make a collection of classic Hindi songs by your mum or dad? If yes, here's a capitalist solution to avoid that tedious task. The Saregama Carvaan is a simple media player that comes with over 5,000 old Hindi songs. It sports a retro design with a modern twist. It has a user-friendly jog dial, clearly marked buttons, and even a remote control. Since songs are pre-loaded onto the device, the user does not have to rely on the devil's work we call Bluetooth. The device's sound output is loud and clear too. All in all, it is a perfect gift for old people. Unless, they prefer Roy Orbison over Mohammed Rafi.

XElectron digital photo frame (Rs 5700)


Whenever old people are not watching someone's wedding tape, they are busy going through family photo album over and over again. You can make this more delightful for them by gifting them a digital photo frame. Once set up, it can hold and display hundreds of pictures. Philips and Sony make best digital photo frames, but those come with an exuberant price tag. Hence, we have selected a 12-inch photo frame from XElectron.

Nokia 3310 (2017) (Rs 3400)


I'm tired of seeing horrible looking Aasaan, easy, and Saral phones made for senior citizens. These companies need to understand that old people aren't retarded. All they need is a sturdy no non-sense phone with long battery life. And that's exactly what the Nokia 3310 is. Rather than subjecting old people to phones that are clear design disasters, give them a quality phone that's familiar in every way. The Nokia 3310 is a user-friendly phone. It is something that anyone can just pick-up and start using without bothering with user manual. In addition to solid call quality and sturdy construction, the phone also delivers nostalgia in an updated package.

Rrimin digital medicine reminder (Rs 1400)


Taking medicines on time is essential. This makes the digital medicine reminder a very useful gift. Rrimin medical reminder has a simple system to set up alarms. With its 28 compartments, it can hold pill for an entire week without missing out on a morning, afternoon, evening, or night dose. The medicine box is made of ABS plastic for strength. It is powered by easily replaceable 2 AAA batteries.

— by Chandrakant Isi, Content Lead at MySmartPrice


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