Swapan Dasgupta


Swapan Dasgupta is a senior journalist

To forget is costly

At the best of times India is bad at commemorating the past.

The Janata experiment

Even two years ago, the very idea of a dyed-in-the-wool Lohia-ite such as Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar openly calling on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for political consultations would hav

The year that was

There are times when the commemoration of an occasion assumes greater importance than the occasion itself.

The tainted mirror

In the absence of government files whose transfer to the archives after 30 or 50 years is based on flights of whimsy, scholars of contemporary India — shorthand for anything dealing with the post-Inde

The city & the carnival

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has every reason in the world to be ecstatic over the results of the municipal polls in the state.

A fur coat & a shawl

Some months ago, a prominent journalist posted a photograph on Facebook of Indira Gandhi visiting a Government of India-run emporium in New York.

Christians are being used, not persecuted

The most comic fallout of Jagdish Bhagwati’s interview to NDTV about the spuriousness of the brouhaha over persecution of Christians in India may yet happen if his great economist rival Amartya Sen de

Indian National Character 2.0

It is always hazardous to make generalisations about the national character.

AAP’s normal politics

A note of piousness invariably overwhelms the small screen each time the news anchors shift their gaze to the Delhi-centric phenomenon called the Aam Aadmi Party.

A week is a long time in politics

Success and failure often depend as much as what one side does right — both tactically and striking the right notes — as what the other side does wrong. In the three weeks since he was anointed the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate, a move that set the terms for the 2014 general election, Narendra Modi may, arguably, have faltered twice, and both times at his mega-rally in Delhi on September 29.

It was on June 26, 1975, that the Emergency was declared in the country.

The declaration of a state of Emergency in India forty years ago is a matter of debate even now.