Sunanda K. Datta-Ray

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BPL conversions

Yet another New Year will be upon us in exactly a week with the rulers of 1.2 crore Indians still groping for a national identity. Being Indian isn’t good enough for them.

Democracy in action

Democracy is the enemy of civilisation.

Waiting for America

It may be too much to hope that the invitation to Barack Obama to be chief guest at the next Republic Day ceremony will put an end to anguished moaning about the United States forever linking India an

The Dragon in Buddha’s robes

Buddhism is the new age Communism. It’s the ideology with which governments hope to win friends and influence people.

Bengal’s burden

Narendra Modi’s warning to “Bangladeshi infiltrators to pack their bags and leave” resonates in the wake of grim revelations indicating West Bengal is on the verge of becoming if it hasn’t already bec

(Un)magical broom

Every time I see images of Narendra Modi surrounded by acolytes sweeping a rubbish-strewn pavement, I ask myself if this drama doesn’t reduce an essential function of civilised life to political tamas

Why terrorism has an Islamic stamp

A Muslim is not a terrorist. A terrorist is not a Muslim”.

Never mind if it was divine intervention or crafty cunning.

On the first day of American President Barack Obama’s visit to India, the two most commonly used words were chemistry and optics.