Suchi Govindarajan


Suchi Govindarajan works as a technical writer. In her spare time, she does freelance writing and editing, and also volunteers with the Spastics Society of Karnataka. You can follow her on twitter: @suchiswriting

Divine directions

I picked up the phone and heard an excited voice at the other end. “Coupon mila hai.”
“Madam, beedi packet mein prize-coupon. Mera pass coupon hai.”

On the edge of the wild

I travelled to Hampi recently and was blown away by the palace and temple ruins, and the fascinating landscape it was set in. To make it even more interesting, I stayed in a wildlife resort nearby.

Dilli Ka Babu

Leaking at the top

Happy homecomings

The epiphany came to me on a chilly morning many years ago in Melbourne, Australia.

The truth in our stars

As we prepare for the arrival of a new year, one must ponder the wisdom of our great leaders.

The moral police wants you!

So many disturbing things are happening in the country. You must have heard of that disgusting incident in Kochi?

Politics is the art of the possible in which there can be strange bedfellows in pursuit of po-wer.

With the Israeli elections appr-oaching and Prime Mini-ster Benjamin Netany-ahu’s anti-Obama address to the joint US Congress on Iran, there is an air of unreality to the whole exercise.