Suchi Govindarajan


Suchi Govindarajan works as a technical writer. In her spare time, she does freelance writing and editing, and also volunteers with the Spastics Society of Karnataka. You can follow her on twitter: @suchiswriting

Time and again

I got to a meeting exactly on time the other day, braving stormy weather, heavy traffic and a rather large cow that seemed to think it had been called to a higher purpose in the middle of the street.

A world of advice

Earlier this year, the Maharashtra government decided to allow homeopaths to prescribe so-called allopathic medicines. This caused alarm in medical circles, and now the decision itself has run into some trouble. But most people said it was all unnecessary fuss.

Adventures of a reluctant domestic goddess

My friends and family keep sharing cooking articles with me. They send tips on how to get the seeds neatly out of a pomegranate, and articles labelled “15 Foods you can make while pressing like on Election-Selfies”, or “How to cut tomatoes like Rajinikanth — You have been doing it wrong all your life”.

My glittering vices

In my imagination, Ramchand Khemchand Academy, where I started my unremarkable education, loomed like a huge fortress over Colaba. Every afternoon, at lunchtime, we would troop down to the basement canteen for lunch. This was still the 70s, so mothers would arrive with lunchboxes of steaming food and cajole bored children into consuming their body-weight’s worth of carbohydrates.

It is a measure of Sri Lanka’s return to “normal” democratic politics that conspiracy theories are once again resonating in Colombo.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government faces significant challenges in trying to reinvigorate India’s economy back to the robust growth it enjoyed a few years ago.