Sreeram Chaulia

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Book the Americans

The release of a summary of the US Senate select committee’s report on widespread torture and inhumane acts committed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during former President George W.

Bring back our heroes

What happens when police and military forces mandated to uphold the law and protect citizens turn into predatory assailants?

The young are claiming the earth

What is common among Joshua Wong, Akbar Ali al-Kishi and Tef Poe? All three happen to be remarkable activists for social justice and freedom in their respective societies who are shockingly young.

Foreign pulse: Viral politics

If the US, UK and France were driven by humanitarian motives, why did they not contribute to the multilateral UN Ebola response fund that would have distributed the funds more equitably among the three worst-hit West African countries? Thus far, only India and Australia have made sizeable donations of $10 million each to the UN Ebola fund that is woefully undersubscribed.

The omissions and commissions of war

Violence, terrorism and human rights abuses across the world are touching epidemic levels. With multiple armed conflicts and crises raging simultaneously, international peace and security are at a historic low since the end of the Cold War. The turmoil reflects a fraying order and demands alternatives to a global system that is reproducing incessant bloodletting.

This may be Narendra Modi’s government, but India may be on its way to becoming Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s republic. The signs point that way.

The past is another country, said L.P. Hartley and how true that sounds when one looks over the newspapers of just a year ago.