Sreeram Chaulia

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Island of fear

Is Sri Lanka a “society at peace” which has made “a lot of progress when it comes to human rights and the rule of law” since the war against secessionist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels conclu

Don’t cry for Uncle Sam

The world is changing so fast that taking one’s eyes off the ball could be a blinder. It has gone almost unnoticed that this year China will surpass the United States in overall economic size measured by the purchasing power parity (PPP) method.

Overhaul for the long haul

The resounding victory of the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party in India’s general elections has skyrocketed expectations about a “can do” government in every sphere, including foreign policy.

The magic of Márquez

The death of the masterful Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez marks the end of an era for not just Latin American and Caribbean literature but world literature as a whole.

A vote for Afghanistan

The extraordinary voter turnout of 58 per cent in last weekend’s presidential election in Afghanistan sends a message of steely determination from a nation wracked by war and state failure.

It is a measure of Sri Lanka’s return to “normal” democratic politics that conspiracy theories are once again resonating in Colombo.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government faces significant challenges in trying to reinvigorate India’s economy back to the robust growth it enjoyed a few years ago.