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Bitten by the running bug

Published : Jul 10, 2018, 12:29 am IST
Updated : Jul 10, 2018, 12:28 am IST

Murali Karanam has achieved the impressive feat of running a distance of 10 km for 200 days.

Murali Karanam
 Murali Karanam

Seasoned runners will tell you that once you experience the high that running gives, you can never have enough! Interior designer Murali Karanam is a runner who’s taken his passion to the next level. This 50-year-old has recently completed 200 days of running 10 km without any interruptions, breaking his previous best of 100 days of running 10 km. But he’s not ready to hang up his shoes yet. This fitness enthusiast now plans to increase his target to 369 days of running 10 km without any interruptions.

Elaborating about the recent feat, he says, “Like any other person venturing into running, I too started with a basic set of running 10 km for 10 days with my friends. But as time passed, my passion for running increased and now I want to just better myself every day.”

But it takes a lot of preparation to run for longer durations. Murali takes special care of his diet and sleep. “Long endurance running needs immense physical strength. That’s the reason I never compromise on my diet and ensure I get eight hours of sleep. I eat a lot of high protein food and abstain from late night partying and alcohol. My friends keep teasing me, but I am clear about my priorities. Every morning I go running with my friends and after that, I go to work. I come back, eat and retire for the day by 9.30 pm. Time management is crucial to maintain and pursue running.”

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