Sidharth Bhatia


The writer is a senior journalist and commentator on current affairs based in Mumbai

A presidential contest

Though our political system is based on the Westminster system, there are many features that we have not borrowed from the mother of our Parliament. One of them is the shadow cabinet. Britain and some other countries like Australia have shadow cabinets, which are formed by the parliamentary Opposition.

Innuendos Inc.

In a different, pre-live television time, this writer had occasion to cover many an election rally. Then, as much as now, the public meeting was the best way for a candidate to reach out to the masses, except that in contemporary times parties can also use television and social media to spread the message wider.

In politics, it’s a season of friend requests

Along with holding public rallies all over the country to up his profile and take his message of throwing out the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), Narendra Modi has also been working to get friends

Much as I am tempted to see the fuss over Ved Pratap Vaidik’s posturing as a warning against busybodies and meddlers, wholesale condemnation of what is known as Track Two diplomacy might be unfair.

There is considerable speculation about when the Planning Commission will be reconstituted and who will occupy the largest room in Yojana Bhavan.