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Don’t politicise Army ops

This year, the BJP even observed the “Surgical Strike Day” in September in order to emphasise its so-called “nationalist” credentials.

10 Dec 2018 12:03 AM

When people protest, leaders need to listen

In Britain, Prime Minister Theresa May faces the prospect of losing power over her nation’s inability to resolve the Brexit problem.

10 Dec 2018 12:00 AM

War is about chips, not trade

The tech battle is all about artificial intelligence and the power of computing and US action is to be seen in this light.

09 Dec 2018 1:26 AM

Exit polls should please the Congress

In Mizoram, the regional MNF seems ahead of the two-time incumbent Congress, with the BJP being a minor presence.

09 Dec 2018 12:05 AM

CIC under attack

It was at once assailed by being made the first respondent in two writ petitions by the RBI challenging the order.

08 Dec 2018 7:19 AM


Chabahar attack: India needs to be alert

India has reacted strongly against the attack and expressed its solidarity with Iran.

08 Dec 2018 12:00 AM

Pondy MLAs can function

The case of Puducherry, a Union Territory with an elected chief minister, is somewhat ambivalent.

07 Dec 2018 12:03 AM

Culprits must be nailed in defence payoffs probe

The Congress claims, after all, that in the first place it was the UPA government that had scrapped the deal and instituted an enquiry.

07 Dec 2018 12:00 AM

Let political discourse not get coarse

If the country’s top leaders do not maintain a gracious discourse, colleagues lower down fail to observe appropriate norms.

06 Dec 2018 6:24 AM

RBI’s olive branch to govt

It is important to note that the policy brings transparency in the lending process to the retail sector.

06 Dec 2018 12:00 AM


Memories of a gentler era

Bill Clinton, offers an example of true greatness in bipartisanship, and has a fairytale ring at these times.

05 Dec 2018 12:48 AM

Crack down on goons in UP, give slain cop justice

When SHO Singh was seriously injured by stones flying about him, he was carried to his vehicle by policemen who sought to rush him to hospital.

05 Dec 2018 12:48 AM

A left turn in Mexico

Among the major tasks facing AMLO is to end the marginalisation of such poor communities.

04 Dec 2018 1:37 AM

Modi and Rahul lock horns over Hinduism

This is a venture to mobilise the mass of Hindu voters in the name of religion in order to further the BJP’s electoral prospects.

04 Dec 2018 1:36 AM

Why religion in politics?

In retaliation, the BJP mocks him for his claims of gotra and his temple visits.

03 Dec 2018 12:02 AM


G-20 summit lowers world trade tensions

G-20 is a gathering of the world’s 19 largest economies, besides the European Union.

03 Dec 2018 12:00 AM

Sage advice on ‘encounters’

A civil society in a democratic setup must be able to find an answer to keeping the peace while having to deal with dissidents, rebels and terrorists.

02 Dec 2018 12:05 AM

Indifference to farmers’ plight is not an option

Key Opposition parties, including the Congress, joined the farmers in protest, trying to set the stage for the next Lok Sabha election.

02 Dec 2018 12:00 AM

Leave for grandfather-to-be?

It may be recalled that he was not consulted before the demonetisation announcement was made, but kept mum at the time.

01 Dec 2018 1:14 AM

Imran needs to show resolve on terrorism

It is a copout to say that he can’t be held responsible for the despicable 26/11 terrorist assault.

01 Dec 2018 1:14 AM