Teen sets jigsaw world record

Deepika Ravichandran

Deepika Ravichandran

Deepika Ravichandran, a first generation US citizen born to Indian parents from Chennai, a junior (Grade 11) at University High School of Science and Engineering at Hartford, Connecticut, has set a Guinness World Record for solving a 250-piece jigsaw puzzle in 13 minutes and 7 seconds, which comes to an average of 18 pieces per minute.

The 15-year-old genius broke the previous record of 13 minutes 14 seconds achieved by Zdenek Bradac (Czech Republic).

The jigsaw puzzle used for the record-breaking attempt is the same one Guinness World Records provides to each person making an attempt.

This world record is for the fastest time to complete the official Guinness World Records 250-piece jigsaw puzzle manufactured by Hasbro UK Limited.

This jigsaw puzzle is not like ordinary puzzles which are either square or rectangle shaped with linear edges and with the picture of what the puzzle is about.

This one is of unusual oval shape with no picture to refer to.

In an email interview to The Asian Age on Thursday, 15-year-old Deepika Ravichandran said that since her childhood days she had a strong goal to become a topper. Solving jigsaw puzzles is one of her strengths.

Deepika was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness after achieving her goal of breaking the world record.

Next, Deepika plans to attempt to break her own record to make it within 12 minutes, which if she accomplishes would be a challenge.

“I try to solve, on an average, at least one 500-piece puzzle a day that helps on focusing skills,” Deepika Ravichandran said.

Deepika’s ability to solve puzzles emerged when she solved a 101 Dalmatians puzzle her mother gave her in 30 minutes.

She was just three years old at the time.

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