IIT-Bombay starts Techfest preparation

Despite it being held in the year-end, preparations for Techfest 2014, the technological extravaganza of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, are already underway. Aman Mantry, a third year student and head, media and planning, said that at a recent meeting, Techfest duties were handed over by the old guard to the new one. “In all, 23 members, including one overall coordinator and 22 managers, were appointed.

A team of over 800 coordinators and organisers along with their respective managers will work in sync to conceptualise, manage, and execute Techfest,” he said. Sunny Raj, a third year metallurgical engineering undergraduate and overall coordinator of the fest, said, “The overall theme and conceptualisation will be done in summer. We will keep in mind to relate to both the student and non-student communities within and outside the country.”

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With the foreign secretary level talks between India and Pakistan being iced due to the meeting between Kashmiri separatists and the Pakistani high commissioner, it may be worth recalling an episode from contemporaneous history.

As the old saying goes, “Can you say ‘boo’ to a goose?” Well, in India, we don’t waste our precious time booing geese. We reserve our boos for chief ministers. Each time the Prime Minister steps out to attend important functions in states that are still hanging on to their own non-BJP leaders (with time bombs ticking away), the crowds make sure nobody but Narendra Modi is heard.