Reminiscing helps boost mental skills?

Engaging brain areas linked to so-called “off-task” mental activities such as mind-wandering and reminiscing can actually boost performance on some challenging mental tasks, a new study has found.

Mughal-era gems will go on display at Met exhibition


About 60 jewelled items, including a gem-set tiger head finial originally from Tipu Sultan’s throne and a jade dagger owned by Mughal emperors Jahangir and Shah Jahan, will be displayed next week at a

First protein micro fibre developed

Untitled-11 copy.jpg

Researchers have engineered the first protein micro fibre which is capable of delivering a small molecule, whether it be a therapeutic compound or other material.

In a first, doctors transplant ‘dead hearts’


ustralian surgeons said on Friday they have used hearts which had stopped beating in successful transplants, in what they said was a world first that could change the way organs are donated.

Walnuts help prevent Alzheimer’s?


The study found improvement in learning skills, memory

After four hours of driving, we should have been in the middle of Dartmoor. And yet we were not.

During Gen Pervez Musharraf’s time a television host asked Benazir Bhutto (BB) about the low attendance at the Pakistan People’s Party jalsas that had just taken place.