Men, on average, more narcissistic than women


Men, on average, are more narcissistic than women, regardless of age, according to a new large-scale study.

Trafalgar gets a Gift Horse

The sculpture Gift Horse, which portrays a skeletal horse by German-born artist Hans Haacke. — AP

A sculpture of a strutting horse skeleton was unveiled in London’s main Trafalgar Square on Thursday, wearing a London Stock Exchange prices ticker in an allusion to the city’s financial power.

US spy ‘Betty’ stationed in India during World War II turns 100

Elizabeth ‘Betty’ McIntosh

Elizabeth “Betty” McIntosh, an American spy girl who was stationed in India for a few years from 1943 and helped spread misinformation that would undermine Japanese troops, has turned 100.

Penis size: The long and short of it


What is an “average” size for a penis?

Elderly woman found buried near Richard III grave

Richard III

A mysterious lead coffin found close to the site of King Richard III’s grave in a car park in UK contains the skeleton of an elderly high status woman, experts say.

‘HIV strain came from gorillas’


Two of four strains of the virus that can cause AIDS come from gorillas in south-western Cameroon, an international team of scientists reported in studies published on Monday in the United States.

Politics is the art of the possible in which there can be strange bedfellows in pursuit of po-wer.

With the Israeli elections appr-oaching and Prime Mini-ster Benjamin Netany-ahu’s anti-Obama address to the joint US Congress on Iran, there is an air of unreality to the whole exercise.