New molecules to help beat jet lag?

Frequent travellers, rejoice! Scientists have designed new molecules which can modify the sleep/wake cycle, paving the way for improved treatments for jet lag and sleep disorders.

Hitler’s World War II code machine found on eBay


A handout photograph released by the National Museum of Computing on Sunday shows the teleprinter part of a Lorenz cipher machine that was purchased by the National Museum of Computing from eBay for £9.50. (Photo: AFP)

Science of Harry Potter’s University put to test


Potterheads, take note!

Good vibrations: Hollywood sex toys are creating a business


Workers remove sex toys from metal moulds at the factory of Doc Johnson, a California-based sex toy company, in Los Angeles. (Photo: AFP)

Mark Zuckerberg to use Facebook Live to chat with ISS astronauts

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Photo: AP)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will chat live with three astronauts currently living on the International Space Station and ask them questions posted by viewers on Nasa’s Facebook page.

As the dust settles on the recent Assembly elections, what emerges is a bifurcation of the political tendencies of the 2014 general election: if Tamil Nadu and West Bengal reiterated the political val

Are we racist? Of course we are. Most Indians are. In fact, most South Asians are. Some of us are more racist than others. Similarly, some of us are appalled by racism as well.