‘Long-lost sister’ stakes claim to Prince estate


A woman claiming to be Prince’s half-sister has come forward saying she is entitled to part of the late pop star’s multimillion-dollar estate, legal documents show.

Starbucks sued for $5 million: Too much ice, little to drink


A Chicago woman is suing Starbucks for more than $5 million, claiming the coffee giant is underfilling its popular hand-blended iced coffee, tea and other drinks, making customers overpay for beverage

Princess Charlotte turns 1, gets £30,000 gold rattle

Princess Charlotte

Britain’s Princess Charlotte, who turned one on Monday, has received numerous gifts since her birth and among them is an 18-karat white gold rattle studded with diamonds, rubies and sapphires worth £3

Still no will found as court opens probate process


Lawyers charged with untangling the multimillion-dollar estate of music superstar Prince said on Monday they still have not located a will that could avert a years-long dispute over his fortune but ha

LHC: Possibility of new particle discovery


Was it a blip, or a breakthrough?

3 new Earth-like planets found 39 light years away


An international team of scientists said on Monday they had discovered a trio of Earth-like planets that are the best bet so far for finding life outside our Solar System.

I recall Day One, October 27, 1947, when we landed at Srinagar airport to rescue the people of Kashmir. The enemy was several-thousand strong at Baramulla, engaged in rapine and plunder.

The Queen B is enraged. The cops have turned! The Election Commission seems to have alienated the affections of her police force — right in the middle of the elections.