Jhumpa Lahiri, Shamsur Faruqi in $50,000 DSC prize shortlist

Renowned Indian poet-writer Shamsur Rahman Faruqi’s novel The Mirror of Beauty has been shortlisted for $50,000 DSC prize for South Asian literature.

Four last copies of Magna Carta united for 1st time

The British Library will bring together the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta for the first time in February as Britain celebrates the 800-year anniversary of the famous constitutional charter.

Queen of detective fiction P D James dies

P.D. James

Mystery writer P.D. James, who brought realistic modern characters to the classical British detective story, has died, her publisher said. She was 94.

DNA survives critical conditions in space

The genetic material DNA can survive a flight through space and re-entry into earth’s atmosphere and still pass on genetic information, scientists have found.

Three cups of coffee a day cuts Alzheimer’s ris

Drinking three to five cups of coffee a day could reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s by up to 20 per cent, scientists claim.

Centipede genome shows how life evolved


Scientists have, for the first time, sequenced genome of the humble centipede, an advance that provides new insight into how life developed on earth.

Perhaps my strong emotional response to the Ferguson case in distant St.

Viswanathan Anand has for the second year running been outclassed in the World Chess Championship by a player nearly 20 years his younger.