Olivia Munn gets a ‘special ring’ from boyfriend

Olivia Munn’s boyfriend has given her a ‘special ring’ but she insists it’s not an engagement one.

Keira Knightley to make Broadway debut

Keira Knightley

Begin Again actress Keira Knightley is set to make her Broadway stage debut with Therese Raquin, based on French writer Emile Zola’s 1867 novel of the same name.

Halle Berry turns designer, set to launch lingerie line

Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry is adding fashion designer to her resume by launching her own lingerie line.

Kerry Washington hates to shoot intimate scenes

Kerry Washington

Actress Kerry Washington hates shooting intimate scenes for Scandal because she feels awkward.

James Franco allegedly ‘attacks’ paparazzo

James Franco

Actor James Franco has come under fire after he apparently tackled a paparazzo.

Lady Gaga dedicates song to fan on stage

Lady Gaga

Pop sensation Lady Gaga invited a fan on stage after he threw a letter to her during a concert in Glasgow, Scotland.

After four hours of driving, we should have been in the middle of Dartmoor. And yet we were not.

During Gen Pervez Musharraf’s time a television host asked Benazir Bhutto (BB) about the low attendance at the Pakistan People’s Party jalsas that had just taken place.