I cannot be Taylor Swift: Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick, who is known for her roles in movies such as, The Twilight Saga and Into the Woods, says she cannot be like Taylor Swift when it comes to fan interactions.

Matthew McConaughey to teach film making

Matthew McConaughey

There’s a rumour doing the rounds that Matthew MConaughey will be teaching students at The University of Texas.

Scarlett Johansson highest grossing actress ever

Scarlett Johansson

Avengers star Scarlett Johansson has been named the highest grossing actress of all time.

Cher apologises for emoji blunder


A day after being slammed online for using a bomb emoiji to Tweet her condolences to “innocent people in Turkey airport”, singer Cher apologised on Wednesday saying she had “no excuse” for her insensi

Drake, Rihanna spark rumours


American musicians Drake and Rihanna spent their second night in a row partying hard in London, sparking rumours that they’re rekindling a long-standing on-off relationship, according to Dailymail.co.

Lisa Marie blames spouse

Lisa Marie

Actress and singer Lisa Marie Presley is blaming her husband’s mismanagement of money as the reason for their divorce, according to her lawyer.

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office and embarked on his world tours, being a member of the country’s oldest and longest-ruling party, the Congress, hasn’t been much fun.

In any civilised country, Yogi Adityanath would have been in jail, or at least facing serious hate speech charges that the authorities would pursue with diligence.