Mixing it right

Traditional cake-mixing ceremony

Ushering in Christmas spirit, city’s patisserie chefs share history, varieties and steps involved in making an X-mas cake

Indulge in goan gastronomy


Head to the ongoing Goan food festival to treat your senses with the aroma and taste of culinary delights from India’s most loved beach state

Cannelloni with Ricotta and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Food 1.jpg

Ingredients for 1 Portion

ready cannelloni, 2 tubes
fresh ricotta, 2/3 cups
parmesan cheese, 2 tbsp
mozzarella 2/3 cup
tomato sauce already seasoned and cooked 1 cups
béchamel, 1 cups

Discount: 75 years off!


To celebrate 75 years of its journey, Matunga’s iconic Cafe Madras decided to surprise its patrons with prices that had travelled back in time to the year 1940, when the cafe came into being. The result: A bill that amounted to zero

‘Filli’ the stomach!

Ema Trinidad

Ema Trinidad likes to make this Filipino delicacy that is light and easy to rustle in a jiffy

Purani Dilli-Cious

Kacche Qeeme ki Tikiya

Reviving the lost culinary legacy of the Mughal era is what chef Osama Jalali does best

Are countries which have not been responsible over decades, perhaps even over centuries, for huge greenhouse gas emissions, promoting global warming now obliged to cut on their CO2 emissions in global

ISIS, or more accurately Daesh, is a creation of multiple forces – its seeds were sown by America during its Cold War confrontation against the erstwhile Soviet Union, it has been nurtured well since