Greek crisis inspires a sour vodka


Even as Greek mulls over its possible exit from the Eurozone, a German entrepreneur is making hay while the sun shines, and is thinking of launching a vodka range based on the crisis.

Through the drinking glass


Each region in the world has its own traditional drink — be it Greece’s Ouzo, Mexico’s Tequila, Japan’s Sake or Italy’s Grappa. Here’s a whirlwind ‘trip’ through the best known of these ‘spirit’ed mascots.

Feast after a fast

Sheer Korma

Whip up some Ramzan specialties on your own at home as you prepare for the Iftar feast after a day of fasting

Meaty delight


Being from Hyderabad, it's no surprise that actor Rana Daggubati loves gorging on the rich meat stew, Haleem.


Iftar feasting


As the pious month of Ramzan has set in, variants of haleem, kebabs and biryani among other lamb and mutton delicacies make their way to Iftar tables

Mumbai gets boxed


What do Bento Box, Oyster Pail and Wok Express have in common? It’s their take-out boxes that have taken Mumbai by storm; and this is becoming a hit mainly because of its hassle-free offerings.

In a community of humans like a village or a city, we will find people of varying ages broadly classified as children, senior adults and old people who have retired from active life.

It was on June 26, 1975, that the Emergency was declared in the country.