Smoking hot sizzlers

Fish and meat sizzlers served hot with an assortment of veggies.

As the city welcomes monsoon showers, few things tantalise tastebuds better than an all-time favourite smoking, hissing, piping hot sizzlers.

Riding the waves


Working at Italia, the iconic Italian restaurant at The Park Bangalore, had its funny moments.

Feasting after dusk

Nalli ka salan

With the ongoing month of Ramzan, restaurants in the capital are providing a cornucopia of iftar dishes

That’s one yum cookie

Cooknie 52 kitchen adventures

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies combine the smooth melting nature of brownies with the rough, lumpy texture of a well-baked cookie to give you the ultimate sugar rush

The world cup equaliser

Liqueur Fernet Branca

You may be divided by your support for teams at the ongoing Fifa World Cup, but the centuries-long culture of indigenous liqueurs, binds global tipplers in a different sort of sporting spirit. Here’s a look at the best liquors from the top 4 nations at the event that there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of.

Bamboo-stic delicacies

Bamboo shoot chutney

Conical, creamy-coloured bamboo shoots add an interesting twist to cooking. Stir fry, grind them to make chutneys or add to fried pork or fish to get a unique flavour

On Friday N.N. Vohra, governor of Jammu and Kashmir, delivered a speech in New Delhi that was notable for its lucid analysis of the inextricably interlinked external and internal security problems and a series of sound suggestions about how to meet the grim challenges this country faces.

One of the most fascinating things about the 21st century is what I call the return of the body to the centrality of things. The body has become the site for all the major dramas — philosophical, political and ethical.