The HIP Nibble

Picture credits: Kunal Chandra

The bar might be a cornucopia of potions, but now it’s also a wacky ride of pub grub with fun and quirky flavours

Cool as a cucumber!


Danseuse Vani Ganapathy shares her favourite recipe of Iru Ulli, a typical Brahmin curry from Palakkad


High tea toity

TEA TIME 2.jpg

Chai time is about unwinding with some yum snacks and here are some you can try at home

Chicken Keema Pav


500 gm chicken mince

A desi twist to your drink


Forget pouring out drinks in Martini glasses or a Scotch tumbler — the trendiest bars serving up cocktails are all focussing on desi presentation

Why you must chill it before you swill it

CHAMPAGNE2 copy.jpg

Why should you chill your champagne? Because trying to uncork a bottle of warm bubbly can harm you — and we don’t just mean offend your delicate sensibilities, we mean real physical damage.

The Flirty Bird


Learn to make tasty treats using a yummy and common fruit — the guava

The expected electoral victory in Greece of Syrizia, an acronym meaning “radical coalition of the Left”, had made waves across financial markets.

US President Barack Obama, during his visit to India this week, intends to highlight the strategically essential US-India relationship and shore up support for a wide variety of shared policy interest