Mithai in the making


This Diwali, celebrate the festival with a slew of yums that expert chefs have curated just for your house party.

A pandi monium!

IMG_2468 (2).jpg

Sandalwood actress Meghna Appaiah shares a recipe of Pandi Curry, rustled up in the traditional Coorg flavour..

With a little help from the kitchen


Commonly available herbs and spices can give your cocktails an extra dimension

Turn your wine bottle into a glass


Regular wine drinkers and enthusiasts have often wondered if they could have a glass of the drink, which could refill itself constantly.

Grandma’s Diwali treats


With the festival of lights coming up, indulge your sweet tooth with these age old, yet unique dessert recipes.

Let’s chaat: From the crunchiest sevpuri to the tangiest cutlets

Ragda cutlet

From the crunchiest sevpuri to the tangiest cutlets to butteriest pav bhaajis, chaat is always perfect to make your mouth water. This week we bring to you an assortment of chaat

Udan — the new regional air connectivity scheme — is not likely to get the aam aadmi to fly, but it will correct the historical wrong done to the air transport business in India.

Hitler lent dignity and prestige to the German government within a short time by establishing a strong administrative setup. He created the vast state of Greater Germany.