Aztec block

Chipotle-marinated Prawns

The mexican wave takes on authentic flavours from the 14 century, adding european touches, and Candice lock mirchandani decodes this wonderfully innovative cuisine

Flavour your evening

Flavoured rums are not just for novices who want to try out a new spirit

Biscuits for your tea time


Can’t find the right tea time bite? There’s nothing that combines crispiness and a measured dose of sugar like a well-made, fresh coconut biscuit. What’s more?

Indulge in a spicy Carneval


The Chilli con Carne is a nutritious bowl that packs in meat of your choice and a generous dose of kidney beans

Guilt-free indulgence


That serving of dessert needn’t make you feel quite so sinful: The next time you feel those sweet cravings, try these healthier options.

Spirit of the Moon Fest

Kung pao chicken

On the day of full moon in mid autumn, people in China celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival, which is like Chinese Thanksgiving

Kashmir’s history is dotted with natural calamities and man-made disasters. And over the centuries the people of Jammu and Kashmir have perfected the art of rising from the ashes. They have seen famines and epidemics, floods and earthquakes, blazes and mayhem, organised violence and massacres, forced and voluntary migrations, incarcerations and worse.