Cutting ‘Chai’k mates!

Puneri Misal Pav

As the rain pitter patters outside, it’s time to sip on that perfect cutting chai with some crunch to munch on and the chef’s have a storehouse of yums to go with it.

Going Bananas

Namu Kini

Entrepreneur and health freak Namu Kini shares her favourite recipe

Share a glass of wine with your cats


You will now be able to share a drink with your cat. A company in Denver, Colorado has launched a special wine, specifically for your feline friends.

An ode to a rainy day drink


India can never deny its love for rum. From Old Monk to Bacardi Black, parties are sure to have a couple of bottles of everyone’s favourite drink.

Kheema with a coastal touch

Pragati AS

Sandalwood actress, Pragati AS shares her mother’s recipe of Coastal Kheema, a traditional Mangalorean dish served with Kori Rotti

The DIMSUM rising

Scallops and Prawns sui mai

Steamed or fried, the portly dimsum is replete with the seasonal best and here’s how you can make your own basket

Great Britain, ironically, followed India last Friday by rejecting its long-held belief in an open economy with fiscal stability and competitiveness as the drivers of sustained growth.

K.G. Subramanyan was one of the most important figures in Indian art, particularly in the period after Independence.