Japanese shochu gets Aussie twist

Japanese Shochu is low in  calories and in alcohol  content

For most dieters, the lack of low-on-calories alcohol options is a concern.

Derby season is here, and so are the drinks


‘Tis the season for the derby, fa-la-la…

Cocktail hour


To suit the fluctuating temperatures, a variety of cocktails, old and new, can come to the rescue

Do the aloo tikki-taka

Nishita Peerbhoy

Nishita Peerbhoy shares her favourite recipe that is quite a hit with the family

Chole Tikki
Ingredients for aloo tikki:
5 medium potatoes (boiled and peeled)
Salt to taste

The desi snackathon


Try these yum tidbits that are a rage with vegetarians

The HIP Nibble

Picture credits: Kunal Chandra

The bar might be a cornucopia of potions, but now it’s also a wacky ride of pub grub with fun and quirky flavours

On the first day of American President Barack Obama’s visit to India, the two most commonly used words were chemistry and optics.

January 27, 2015, was an eventful day. A few events took place almost simultaneously on this day that are likely to impact the future of India’s security and economy.