A bawi of bites


Parsi cuisine is as simple as it is complex.

Say ‘prost’ to Oktoberfest

Beer drinking.jpg

It’s that time of the year again, when beer is on everyone’s mind! Yes, Oktoberfest it is.

Simple solutions to beer problems

With the last few days of Oktoberfest still to be enjoyed, we thought this was the best time to give you a few tips on how to enjoy your beer to the fullest — and perhaps avert some common beer-relate

Healthy sprouts

Sprouts triangles

Sprouts triangles
Sprouted green gram, whole 25 gm
Black gram dal, split 25 gm
Green gram, split 25 gm
Bengal gram 25 gm
Rice 50 gm
Carrot, grated 20 gm

In shabby alleys, find real taste of Cairo

People eat at the Kaber Subhi restaurant in Cairo's northern suburb of Shubra. 	 (Photo: AFP)

Through streets strewn with rubbish where laundry lines hang from shabby apartment blocks, the tantalising smell of grilled kebabs lures patrons from across Cairo.

A slice of the good life

Vinod Kumar and Priya Prakash, the Founders of NaturallyYours

You no longer have to wait for a trip abroad to sink your teeth into exotic meat or grab tins of organic, flavoured rice.

It’s an old cliche to say that we live in two countries — India and Bharat. The distinction is generally made along the urban-rural divide.

Hell hath no fury like a would-be minister scorned.