Echoes of a ghost town

Remnant of the abandoned houses

It would have remained a Thursday encumbered by the plight of laziness if my mother, with whom I share a penchant for tales of spirits and phantoms, would not have come up with the spontaneous plan of

Of walking, sketches and gelato

Florence cathedral

I feel that travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer! I am an absolute travel enthusiast and have been fortunate enough to explore various incredible destinations around the world.

Unique sailing point


A luxury cruise holidayoffers an indulgent experience even as it ensures that you are constantly on the go

Colours of the carnival


It is three hours to go before the beginning of the Carnaval, but there is already a vibe of eager anticipation in the air.

The pride of the Catalans

Barcelona Cathedral

That Catalunya in Spain considers itself a country on its own is evident in its people and their pride at being Catalans.

In pursuit of happiness

BHUTAN1 44.jpg

Gross National Happiness. Bhutan has always been unnerving the west with the epithet they themselves had conceived to etch the kind of bliss its people enjoy over the material prosperity of others.

British commentators have noted that with Brexit, the UK’s engagement with Europe has come full circle.

Is children accessing the Internet a boon or a bane? It can become a bane if a child is victimised through cyberbullying or faces other kinds of online victimisation.