Bharmour: Of myths and mountains

Chaurasi temple

On a summer weekend getaway, if you find yourself in a crowded alley in McLeod-Ganj or in the gorgeous yet busy town of Dalhousie, longing for more tranquillity, you could take a small detour and driv

Norway to go

The Gol Stave Church—now located at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

Pretty as its Scandinavian cousins, norway offers a distinct view of europe that you want to explore under the sunlit night sky, says Madhu Jain

An Egyptian escapade

Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor

It is time we went beyond the pyramids, the Sphinx and the vast deserts of Egypt.

Taiwan trails

Cherry Blossoms

Away from the neon lights and dizzying heigts of Taipei, the heart of Taiwan is a mystical land, says Rathina Sankari

Where the Grass is green on both sides


It may be one of the most explored places in the world, but the Swiss alps manage to surprise and bewilder you at every step, writes Dinesh Madhavan.

The river runs rich

Chao Phraya River

If you want to explore the true essence of a city on the banks, cruise through its waterways — such as Bangkok’s Chai Phraya, says Suruchi Kapur Gomes.

Whenever there is any judicial conference, the topic that invariably comes up for discussion is pendency of cases and delayed justice.

The university is one of the strangest, grandest institutions. It is a theatre of knowledge, a site for debates, a custodian of democracy and the epitome of pluralism.