The pride of the Catalans

Barcelona Cathedral

That Catalunya in Spain considers itself a country on its own is evident in its people and their pride at being Catalans.

In pursuit of happiness

BHUTAN1 44.jpg

Gross National Happiness. Bhutan has always been unnerving the west with the epithet they themselves had conceived to etch the kind of bliss its people enjoy over the material prosperity of others.

Of tulips, windmills and cheese

Cheese market

A traveller hardly needs an ‘excuse’ to travel, but it is nice to have one anyway. Mine was soon-to-expire air miles. So my wife and I planned a visit to The Netherlands.

The Jungle Book getaway


The jeep rattled down the path in the silence of the woods.

A water baby’s day out


Beach bumming, deep sea diving, snorkelling, seafood and lots of sunshine might be just some of the things to strike off from your checklist when you’re holidaying in the amazing archipelago of Andama

Bharmour: Of myths and mountains

Chaurasi temple

On a summer weekend getaway, if you find yourself in a crowded alley in McLeod-Ganj or in the gorgeous yet busy town of Dalhousie, longing for more tranquillity, you could take a small detour and driv

In Nazi Germany in 1938, Adolf Hitler issued a decree: “As a visible sign of the gratitude of the German nation to children-rich mothers I establish this Cross of Honour of the German Mother”.

The BJP for the first time has gone beyond the Hindi heartland and into the Northeast with a landslide victory in the region’s largest state.