Bhoramdeo: Chhattisgarh’s hidden gem


Erotica in stone has come to be synonymous with Khajuraho. but how many have heard of Bhoramdeo Temple amidst the verdant Maikal hills of Chhattisgarh?

Saunter about in Lantau

The Tian Tan Buddha

What do you do when you have travel research and plans worth seven days but have barely 48 hours at a destination? You cringe and slash your already shortened shortlist.

A Hakuna Matata kind of holiday


At the outset, let me confess — I was never an animal enthusiast; I didn’t even bother with the wildlife channels on TV till I got married into a family that was hooked on to these channels.

Japan: Tech tradition and peace

Mount Fuji seen from one of its lakes

Kiezu no Hi, the eternal flame which has been burning for the past 1,200 years on Miyajima Island, speaks volumes about Japan.

Nicaragua's tallest volcano tops Lonely Planet's hottest travel experiences in 2016

 View of the San Cristobal volcano from Chinandega, 150 km from Managua, Nicaragua. (Photo: AFP)

Here are the top 10 hottest new travel experiences of 2016.

Stars, magic and Pina Colada

Puerto Rico.jpg

with its luminous bays, adventurous streets and delightful folks, Puerto Rico is a land with romance and surprises lurking in every corner

Though the victory march of the Bharatiya Janata Party that began in 2014 was brought to a halt in 2015 with major setbacks in the Delhi and Bihar Assembly elections, there seems to be a reversal of t

The film Airlift is a commercial success. I was bewildered by its repeated attempts to suppress what is true and suggest what is false.