The hills are alive

The Sound of Music tour bus in Salzburg

Let’s start at the very beginning. A year after we got married, my husband and I planned our first European holiday.

Cruising around China town


In the past year, I have been quite fortunate to travel to different countries with regards to my work and our Desi Hoppers performances.

The music of Ziro

The view from the festival

When Sriram TT’s band Skrat was selected to perform at the Ziro music festival in Arunachal Pradesh, they jumped at the opportunity! What did the boys get upto?

Gaga over Niagara

An aerial view from Niagara helicopters

Known for its quaint old-world charm, a 90-minute drive from downtown Toronto, the Niagara region is enchanting for its untouched natural beauty.

A confluence of old and new

The caravanserais or rest houses dotted all over Sheki and Baku

Azerbaijan, called the land of fire, is filled with beautiful landscapes and enchanting cities.

In sporting haven

Old Trafford, decked up in preparation for match day

With its rich lineage and football history, the old borough of Manchester is a little piece of heaven for sport fans

Anurag Kashyap initially tried to be a brave filmmaker but Karan Johar never went beyond being a smart businessman engaged in filmmaking.

It is generally assumed that the subject of astronomy has grown to its present form by a systematic process of theorising by a few visionaries and finding by keen observers. The reality is otherwise.