Lost and found in Jordan

Lost city of Petra

Basking in sun and sand, Jordan, even sans greenery, is a soothing sight

A sangria-spiked holiday

Plaza de Espana

A city of cultural prominence, historical relevance and a thumping social scene, seville is the best of spain in a capsule

Swiss bliss


When temperatures in India stay stubbornly stuck above 30 degrees centigrade, you know it’s time to make a getaway to cooler climes. My choice of escape? Mountainous Switzerland!

The reluctant aristocrats

Peterhof  garden

St. Petersburg was never on my bucket list. It just happened.

A great Zen master, in charge of the monastery of Mayu Kagi, owned a cat, who was the real love of his life.

To understand the Patidar, or Patel, stir in Gujarat, let us look at the background.