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Art of slowness

Kangana Ranaut in an outfit by designer Aneeth Arora.

The Indian urbanite living life in the fast lane is now embracing the joys of taking it slow

In the write direction


Writers attending the Mahindra’s Mumbai Mantra. Once inside the lab, it is all about the writing minus the usual deadlines and diktats by producers

‘Script labs’ are mushrooming in the indian film industry to help writers hone the fine art and science of screenwriting

A czar in his own right

Meet the duo: Mohammad Azharuddin with son Asaduddin

One of cricket India’s most successful captains ever, finally opens up about life, family and the big film

Food tech gains steam

09ROBOT-CHEF1A copy.jpg

Robot chefs, holographic kitchen tutorials, a knife that measures the sugar in the food it cuts… There’s more cooking in the Indian kitchen than just the meal of the day as technology gains steam in t

For better or verse

‘Tamasha Theatre’ takes up classics by Nissim Ezekiel and Dalit poet Namdeo Dhasal and turns them into power-packed performances

Poetry has found new age forms of expression — ‘spoken word’ performances on illness and pain, free verses in Hindi about violence, Tamil rappers focusing on sexual crime, stage adaptations of classics...

Cash Crash in glitzerland

Omar Sharif  (1932-2015) blew away his millions in Europe’s  casinos. He died with most of his fortune gone

Stories of excesses and successes and the biggest names in showbusiness who saw fortunes slip away

A great Zen master, in charge of the monastery of Mayu Kagi, owned a cat, who was the real love of his life.

To understand the Patidar, or Patel, stir in Gujarat, let us look at the background.