Cover Story

‘I have swum against the tide all alone’

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has little time for a breather these days as she is neck deep into the promotions of her upcoming film Jazbaa that is being called her “comeback”.

Write of Passage

Archana Prasad.jpg

Archana Prasad is the founder and director of Jaaga, which seeks to nurture innovative endeavours by providing space and core infrastructure

A number of residencies are now allowing writers the space to exit their ‘real’ lives and focus on their creativity

Against life’s greatest odds

Malvika Iyer

People who have had the last laugh in spite of life placing seemingly insurmountable hurdles in their way

The god of all things

the elephant-headed god: Ganesha is among the gods we know the most stories of but understand so little about. By Ramesh Gorjala

As Ganesh Chaturthi comes up, we look into the many fascinating stories surrounding the elephant-headed god

Deadly bonds

Indrani and Peter Mukerjea

Can love be so blind that one remains clueless about one’s partner’s disturbed psyche, personality disorder, emotional instability, dark traits and hidden past?

Art of slowness

Kangana Ranaut in an outfit by designer Aneeth Arora.

The Indian urbanite living life in the fast lane is now embracing the joys of taking it slow

Plenty of ink has been spilt on the Prime Minister’s recent visit to California where he received a resounding reception from people of Indian origin and from executives at the helm of some of the wor

Mohammad Akhlaq’s horrific killing in Dadri, in western Uttar Pradesh, just outside Delhi, is an act of infamy.