Cover Story

Chasing the last name

Politician Rahul Gandhi has spent a lifetime under the heat of the magnifying glass — the perfect example for an individual

Be it Rahul Gandhi or Arjun Tendulkar, a famous last name often brings with it so much pressure

Creative ‘Cuss’todians

Reel titillation: Sunny Leone’s upcoming Ek Paheli Leela is already under the scanner for certain imagery

Bollywood is looking afresh at where to draw the line as a steady stream of cuss words and sleazy content enters mainstream cinema

A baby from three

Lovely Baby

Within a year, the world could see the first of what’s being described as the three-parent baby. And it’s one of mankind’s riskiest endeavours

Who’s the Delhi dude?

A still from Student of the Year. Picture is used for illustrative purposes only

From boasting about their love for butter chicken and branded stuff to bragging about cars and phones — a recent viral video mocks ‘every Delhi guy in the world’

Adieu, blog-gone erotica

Bloggers aren’t pleased with  third-party intrusion into their creative decisions.  Picture is used for illustrative purposes.

Come March, and a massive crackdown by Google on Blogger, its popular global blogging community, will effectively ban all ‘mature’ creative content from the site

How does it feel to be raped?

Stills from the video How does it feel to be raped? The video has been created by Desi Talkies

A thought-provoking short film titled ‘How does it feel to be raped?’ featuring actor Varun Pruthi highlights two issues — rape and prejudice against transgenders

The verdict of the Tis Hazari trial court (in State v.

A month has elapsed since the alliance of convenience — People’s Democratic Party-Bharatiya Janata Party — came to power in Jammu and Kashmir.