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VR here!


There was a time when people really didn’t mind the stares of passers-by, as they stuck huge brick-sized contraptions — early mobile phones — to their faces and shouted into them.

A ‘Khat’ta above the rest

Karen Anand with Chef Rego

The writer has travelled through the length and breath of India in search of sour foods.

The last days of Reginald Dyer


All Saint's Church in Long Ashton where Reginald Dyer's funeral was held. This was Dyer's parish church which is less than a mile from his cottage. (Photo: Swagata Ghosh)

Greening the wastelands

Pamela and Anil Malhotra started with 55 acres of wasteland and now have a 300-acre sanctuary in Karnataka.

What do you do when you come across a patch of wasteland? Dismissively glance across its uneventful expanse and move on?

Summer workations

Volunteer tourism might be just what you’re looking for this summer. Photograph used for representational

There’s work and there’s play.

Bullied but didn’t bow

Barack Obama revealed he was taunted for his “big ears” and his name.

What Suresh Raina revealed this week was nothing short of heart-wrenching.

Whenever there is any judicial conference, the topic that invariably comes up for discussion is pendency of cases and delayed justice.

The university is one of the strangest, grandest institutions. It is a theatre of knowledge, a site for debates, a custodian of democracy and the epitome of pluralism.