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‘Stay in’ touch with yourself

Still from Two Broke Girls

Staying home tonight? Nah, you are not a social recluse. There was a time, when only introverts found solace in the four walls of their cozy homes.

Not caught in the web

A poster of web series Permanent Roommates

What happens when writers are given a creative platform sans the TRP chase, censorship scissor hands or the pressure of catering to the prime time audience?

Moms mean business

Sarita and Suparna Handa

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers, wrote Rudyard Kipling. And whatever the familiar adages might tell you, home is where the mom is.

Sporty FIX-ations


Soccer camp at FC Barcelona is many an aspiring footballer’s dream trip, with hopes of setting their gaze on their idol Lionel Messi at Nou Camp.

The holiday season now has kids across India signing up for sports camps abroad, and their parents paying big money to hone their talent.

VR here!


There was a time when people really didn’t mind the stares of passers-by, as they stuck huge brick-sized contraptions — early mobile phones — to their faces and shouted into them.

A ‘Khat’ta above the rest

Karen Anand with Chef Rego

The writer has travelled through the length and breath of India in search of sour foods.

The BJP’s victory in the Assam Assembly elections, the results of which were declared last week, was expected but not by the landslide margin the party and its allies took the Assembly, together baggi

Balochistan is one of the world’s driest, hottest and most desolate regions, remembered by Alexander the Great’s historians as the cruellest land they ever encountered and which almost destroyed them