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For better or verse

‘Tamasha Theatre’ takes up classics by Nissim Ezekiel and Dalit poet Namdeo Dhasal and turns them into power-packed performances

Poetry has found new age forms of expression — ‘spoken word’ performances on illness and pain, free verses in Hindi about violence, Tamil rappers focusing on sexual crime, stage adaptations of classics...

Cash Crash in glitzerland

Omar Sharif  (1932-2015) blew away his millions in Europe’s  casinos. He died with most of his fortune gone

Stories of excesses and successes and the biggest names in showbusiness who saw fortunes slip away

Ramzan taste trails

Roots and routes of tradition: A group enjoying the food walk organised by Hyderabad Trails at the city’s famous Charminar

Pre-dawn sehri and iftar at dusk mark the hour of Ramzan food walks as gastronomes and history buffs hit the streets and follow the food trail

The Maha Pushkaralu

To gods: File photograph of priests during a puja at the Pushkar ghat in Rajahmundry.

On the banks of river Godavari, a pilgrimage of a lifetime

Inviting strangers to dinner

Guests enjoy a meal at The Bohri Kitchen where son-mother pair Munaf and Nafisa Kapadia present authentic Bohri cuisine in Mumba

There’s a growing tribe of amateur cooks who are dishing out exciting cuisines and hosting sit-down meals — at their homes

Yoga Sutra

Sunaina Rekhi

The International Yoga Day has brought the spotlight back on to the 2,000-year-old art form, and its numerous offshoots and styles

What often goes unnoticed is the fact that the genesis of Kashmir (commonly known as Jammu and Kashmir) is linked to 565 princely states, which became independent along with the birth of two sovereign

India has carried out the execution of Yakub Memon,” says the BBC, “the man convicted of financing the deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings.” It goes on to say that 257 people were killed in the Mumbai blasts.