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Poker Underground

A common sight as players gather for a big game

The unparalleled emergence of a game that had to fight its way out in India

Best of both worlds


Amit Bakhale and his wife Gosia, an Indian and Polish, found love when they were both in London. They decided to move back to Amit’s home in Goa, with Gosia shuttling between Poland and Goa

Desi-fying superheroes


Kamala Khan, an American-born Pakistani teenager who keeps Jersey City safe, is the first Muslim character in the Marvel universe to headline her own comic book

A range of ethnicities are finding expression in home-grown comics with archetypal characters in the superhero mould, seeped in local milieus, spanning across cities in Bihar, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and even far-flung Mizoram.

A taste of rustic life

Travel entrepreneur Vishakha Talreja soaks in the rural vibe at Churu in Rajasthan.

Domestic holidays for Indians have always meant one of two things: Heading for the sea or mountains.

Vroom vroom, ladies!

Participants of India’s first ever all-woman bike race held in Chennai.

Imagine zipping around on a bike on the racetrack, accelerating from 0 to 100 kmph in about 5.5 seconds and zooming on to top machine speeds in excess of 200 kmph and going lap after lap until the che

Desi-mal point!

Holi is played with fervour in Spain, with marathons having Holi colours as a part of their run-dez-vous.

It’s desi in videsi garb with a fusion of celebrations, festivals and customs.

On July 13, as the Northeast Democratic Alliance met in Guwahati, the Supreme Court redefined the constitutional role and responsibilities of a governor by declaring unconstitutional the governor’s di

With the Goods and Services Tax (GST) constitutional amendment again in doubt in the Rajya Sabha, the process for what has been labelled the “most ambitious tax reform” in Indian history remains stall