The write choice


Being a writer in the hindi film industry is not easy. one of the most well-known writer duo, Sajid-Farhad tell us how much of a thankless job it is. and that going off to the mountains to write is one of the biggest myths ever

Second time lucky Sara Loren

 Sara Loren

Meena Kumari and Rekha inspire Pakistani actress Sara Loren, who wants to do performance-oriented roles and is eagerly awaiting the release of her two Bollywood films

WhatsApp Bollywood?

Still from Happy New Year

The messaging media seems to be the audience platform of the future, and tapping its potential the film Happy New Year released its trailer on WhatsApp. Is Bollywood set to explore other such channels for film promotions?

Katrina Kaif is popular in Bhutan

Katrina Kaif

If there is one star who gets male pulses racing in Bhutan, it’s Katrina Kaif. She is the hot favourite in the country with every red-blooded male wanting to date or marry her.

Jacqueline Fernandez moves into big league

Jacqueline Fernandez

We all know that actress Jacqueline Fernandez has finally made it to the A-list league. Now that her Salman Khan flick is a huge hit, every top star wants to work with her.

Happy times for Farah Khan

Farah Khan

Sajid Khan’s sister Farah Khan is on cloud nine.

Review By Suparna Sharma

A journey of finding love

Chanakya believed that the unfolding present will cast its shadow on the configuration of the future. That is why he believed that analysing the situation as it exists today, provides the material for devising the strategy that must be shaped for the morrow. There is a causal continuity between the past, present and the future.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is desperate to form a government in Delhi, but its attempts to cobble together the requisite numbers keep hitting a roadblock.