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Unique yens

Published : Sep 20, 2017, 1:32 am IST
Updated : Sep 20, 2017, 1:32 am IST

On the lookout for an unconventional weekend activity or getaway? Here are ideas worth putting on your bucket list.

A file photograph of a cyclist used for representative purposes only.
 A file photograph of a cyclist used for representative purposes only.

For that long weekend, it’s about time to tread the road less travelled. Add a bit of zest to your holiday as city life can be such a stressor. There’s no need of doing that same old weekend getaway especially when you can add doses of fun, rest and relaxation with unique activities.

We have also customised a day trip you can plan on your own… to add manna to that ordinary “check-in to a resort” option that most of us do, for the lack of something better in mind!

Go laser tagging!
Here’s an exciting indoor option that’s also sure to raise your adrenaline. Gather your closest buddies for a game of Lazer Tag, the more the merrier. There are various hubs in Kammanahalli, Jayanagar, Indiranagar and on the outskirts of town, all popular gaming centres that host these games. Sarayu Sudhindra, a final year undergraduate student from Mount Carmel College says, “Over the weekend, me and my friends were looking at interesting stuff that we hadn’t done before in the city. This game is thrilling, and the high-tech equipment makes it fun while you strategise your moves to target the opposite team. A game of 25-30 minutes costs each person `300, and the adrenaline rush is well worth it. Essentially, your team scores points by tagging targets with a gun-like lazer emitting targeting device that you hold in your hands. We won that day!” These gaming centres also have other consoles, games like foosball etc to add to the fun! 

The call of the wildernest
Try Wishbone, among others, offers an exclusive dose of wildlife. Camp under the stars at its pet friendly, green Backyard Camp, just two hours from the city. Embrace the life of a happy camper only 66 km from the city, where both you and your pooch are welcome. Sleep under the stars and avid trekkers or bird watchers can also have a slew of experiences walking the green trail, spotting wildlife. Alternatively, take a trip to any organic farm and revel in the local produce, some offer night stays as well. 

Get loco about local!
A short road trip to the outskirts of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will rejuvenate you, as you stop by some of the smaller villages between Bengaluru and Madurai — Krishnagiri, Dindigul etc along with some local foodie experiences. “There are some old forts and temples worth visiting. That aside, we wish to stroll around farms, paddy fields and teach our six year old a thing or two about how the greens on her plate are grown (Or so we'd like to believe). If the rivers are full, we might just stop by. The food culture in these places is something we relish. Waiting to get our hands on some local flavours... jigar thanda, madurai idli and in case we drive further south, some parotta!” shares Janani Murali, a Bharatanatyam dancer. There are also various temple food trails one can do, if interested.

Wine and dine!
There are various vineyards around the city that offer getaways, where one can stay over for the night, and taste the bouquet of different grapes. Some offer wine and dine evenings, brunches and pack it in with some high spirits. Sign up for a wine tour, and revel in nature, as you learn about wine-making and sample different varieties of wines.

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