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Watching Sir David Attenborough could boost your sex life, says study

Study found shows Planet Earth and Blue Planet could improve viewers' confidence by helping them have 'more compassionate view of body’.

19 Jun 2018 2:10 PM

Here’s what men should do to make women orgasm

She said that while men have bragged to her that their partners always had orgasmed, most did not even know the right reactions to orgasm.

18 Jun 2018 2:41 PM

Tolerance makes you more trusting

Here is what a new study has found.

14 Jun 2018 9:31 AM

Here's why you should never have sex in swimming pool

The chlorinated water in pools can cause pH changes to the vagina which can lead to vaginal infection.

12 Jun 2018 2:10 PM

Mom helped me start afresh, says Shivani Gosain

I got this never-give-up spirit from her.

08 Jun 2018 1:40 AM

Forging new bonds

It always takes two to make a relationship work and blossom.

08 Jun 2018 1:40 AM

5 must-try sex positions for when you want a quickie

According to an expert, here are positions for quickie sex that does not compromise of quality.

06 Jun 2018 2:00 PM

‘Stag’ men love watching other guys have sex with their wives

While wife sharing is something most men would cringe at, Stags get a kick watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with other men.

02 Jun 2018 12:58 PM

Vegetarians have more affairs than meat-eaters, have sex sooner

Study found that 42 per cent vegetarians admitted being unfaithful to a partner, compared with 31 per cent of meat lovers.

31 May 2018 3:23 PM

I am grateful for my best friend, says Gurpreet Singh

She has always been there for me and doesn’t hesitate to tell me when I go wrong.

30 May 2018 1:03 AM