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Racist hoodie lands H&M in trouble as celebrities cut ties

Several celebrities showed their discontent with the image on the social media platforms.

12 Jan 2018 10:44 AM

Study reveals women are watching more porn than ever

Search term ‘porn for women’ skyrocketed among females logging on to the adult platform, which is internet’s largest X-rated site.

12 Jan 2018 10:34 AM

Ikea wants women to pee on magazine ad to avail discount

Apparently, once the woman urinates on the ad in Amelia magazine, a discount is revealed, only if she is pregnant.

12 Jan 2018 10:11 AM

Here's why man divorced his wife

Taiwanese man files for divorce arguing that his wife's reluctance to take a shower is preventing them from starting a family.

12 Jan 2018 8:25 AM

It pays to be kind

One doesn’t always have to respond to hate with hate. Sometimes, the better option is just to be kinder.

12 Jan 2018 12:30 AM

Unconventional innovations

The result sees the likes of 10-year-old Armaan Gupta, who is the creator of a remote-controlled cleaning and mopping machine.

12 Jan 2018 12:29 AM

The Call of the Wild

Two scions from the Yousuf Tekri family are doing their bit to promote wildlife tourism in the country.

12 Jan 2018 12:12 AM

A smokey situation

Following the Kamala Mills fire, which likely started at a hookah parlour, sheesha bars across the city are laying low.

12 Jan 2018 12:09 AM

Kerala man invents 'chappal camera' for taking upskirt images of women

The man named Baiju was taking pictures of women and girls at the Kerala Kalosavam festival in Thrissur.

11 Jan 2018 5:49 PM

Woman claiming her Christmas tree was dead demands refund 10 days after the festival

Costco is known for a generous return policy under which people can return any item barring electronics at any time.

11 Jan 2018 5:19 PM