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Upbeat 2020 with classic blue

Published : Jan 5, 2020, 1:41 am IST
Updated : Jan 5, 2020, 1:41 am IST

Make way to new beginnings with the Pantone Colour of 2020 and be amazed! Try incorporating this colour in your humble abode!

Wallpaper by Pooja Khanduja
 Wallpaper by Pooja Khanduja

The confident, regal and calming classic blue has been named as the Pantone Colour of the year for 2020. It can be incorporated into the décor in a wide array of unique ways ranging from the flooring to the walls to the furniture to the accessories. For a bolder, eccentric look, the entire room can follow a blue monochrome palette, appropriately balanced by subtle detailing and neutral colors. It can also be paired with highlight furniture pieces in lush velvets, silks and satins, modern artworks and green planters to create a further contrast. We speak to interior experts to elaborate on how to work it with an edgy touch.

A combination of blue with neutral earthy tones and tonal colors like bold shades of terracotta, burnt orange, ochre and buttery tan, along with striking tactile textures effortlessly add an organic artistic vibe to the rooms, offering a modern and chic design language, highlights Punam Kalra, an interior designer. She says, “Accessories in classic blue along with pastel and muted shades of pink, green and lilac can give the space a delicate hint of cheery pop and modern vintage glamour. A combination of blue and deep forest tones in the furniture can create a fresh natural look further elevating the modern Zen ambiance of the room. A bold blue accent wall with innovative nature-inspired motifs, along with a combination of big, bold, bright colors like red and yellow in abstract art, carpets, wall reliefs, tiles, wallpapers, linen, and upholstery create a dynamic and vibrant interior. Classic Blue can also be paired with the Pantone colour of 2019, living coral, as an accent colour in combination with neutral whites to create a chic, dreamy ambiance. Blue doors and window shutters in a neutral-toned space, paired with natural wood tones and blue painted kitchen cabinetry, upholstery, and vases, will make for a serene and elegant space. A combination of blue and warm-toned colors, layered with rugs, throws, blankets, and quirky accessories make for an eye-catching living room.”

A good way to add classic blue to your already existing décor is by using it in soft furnishing and small décor accents like your crystal collection, suggests Raseel Gujral Ansal, creative director and co-founder of an Interior design company. She says, “Pewter colors go very well with classic blue, if you are inclining towards creating a warm relaxing effect, use tones of blue with white – a classic. Gunmetal and gold embellishments make an apt pick with hues like classic blue. You can create a very dreamy theme using shades of classic blue and by using experimental motifs. The use of blue gives a very magical and relaxing feel to ambience.”

The easiest way to incorporate the classic blue to your home is by adding accessories like throws, cushions or a rug. Go a step ahead and paint your old wardrobe/furniture or simply re-upholster the sofa or add an accent chair in blue velvet, says Pooja Khanduja, co-founder of an Interior design company. She says, “Classic blue can also make for an eye-catching accent wall. Don’t be afraid to have fun with patterns in the form of wallpapers or fabrics. This allows you to bring in the colour of the year or any dark colour you like a more decorative way. While blue and gold is a timeless combination when we talk about richness, adding a touch of copper in the form of lights, trimmings, wall decorations or table accessories give your space a contemporary edge, while retaining the warmth and richness quotient. Classic blue is an elegant, sophisticated yet luxurious colour. Since it’s a dark colour, it may get overwhelming unless used with the colour palette that balances it. Though neutral colors like grays and beiges are a safe bet, classic blue teams great with pop colour accents too – like a yellow, orange or even hot pink.”

 A classic blue vanity or highlight wall can also add interest to an otherwise neutral bathroom. Blue goes well with black as well and can be played within combination with various colour tones and shimmer to create a bold look for the living room and the kitchen space. “Delicate detailing in metallic shades, in combination with the Pantone colour of the year, can uplift a fairly subdued space lending it that subtle touch of luxury. Blue is an accommodating shade and works well with an assorted choice of sheen in silver, rose gold, copper, steel, tin, and brass. A modern surface finishing in patina, rust, chrome, mercury glass, champagne and oxygenic iron, used as furniture accents, lighting, and artwork, would give a raw and intimate textural feel to the décor. These metallic details can also be added in the form of discreet upholstery patterns, lighting details, sleek furniture details, crockery, wall hangings and screens for a more dramatic space with an enhanced ornamental look. Using luminous metallic fabrics for furniture is another fantastic way to capture the light and add a new contemporary warmth and sheen to the room. Restrained use of silver and brown metals, like iron and gold or copper, will bring in the decorative glory of maximalism but with a more understated expression,” sums up interior expert Punam Kalra.

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